richard lopez & Márton Koppány

Four Haiku
#1                                              we set the can of cat food on the porch                                              midwinter, we wait                                              the opossum's eager face
#2                                              rotting jack o'lantern on the porch                                              slowly, smiling                                              into the years
#3                                              dry winter, garden hose in hand                                               among the potted plants                                               another step forward                                              a large pile of raccoon shit
#4                                              third year of the plague                                              early spring queued at Safeway                                              some masked some not in mask
richard lopez is a lower-case poet/blogger & a citizen of the international republic of poetry. he makes his home in northern california with his wife & son & cats. you can read his poems, essays & rants at reallybadmovies.blogspot.com.

Márton Koppány is living in Budapest, Hungary. His visual responses to the four haiku by richard lopez were written between January 28 and February 22, 2022 and are part of an ongoing collaboration. Today, on March 16, he is inclined to call them, retrospectively, toylike premonitory symptoms. As always, "we" will see what happens next.
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