John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich

tink pael
John Bennett fell off roof lip my bubbler , eggs blistered burning gas station finger step yr minute was I broke n hot flies nor verbs bent thin gotta verge , wake shitrock head , flick ering room clock youth 's fury clippings arf axle essence de ecnesse 's shut knife doppler Found thru Jim Leftwich's Trout Fishing In The Amargosa River Jim Leftwich to John ongoing... egg station was nor verge head youth axle ecneese poddler, podpleer John Bennett to Jim slot knocker cheese tax suit dead surge floor buzz elation leg ...englomming Jim Leftwich to John clock tax purging elotion John Bennett to Jim blotion gurgling bat sock Jim Leftwich to John potion juggling hat lock hat lock John Bennett to Jim dock fat dock fat chugging motion Jim Leftwich to John hock gnat gnat ocean flock of bugs & ginseng John Bennett to Jim book gnat see gnat clock gnat glove gnat rug gnat gland gnat gin gnat sing gnat Jim Leftwich to John gnat seep book knot seep book gnat knot seep seep knot knot John Bennett to Jim knot gnat knot seep seep book knot seep gnat book Jim Leftwich to John knit brook sleep knit rook knit knit leap John Bennett to Jim knit leap brook knit sleep knot knot rook Jim Leftwich to John slip knit lip leap slip brook lip knit slip sleep lip knot slip knot lip rook knit skip sleep not John Bennett to Jim leap knit knot rook not lip lip lip lip sleep knit brook sleep knot skip slip slip slip slip knit tink pael Spring 2022    
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