Susan Gangel

Six shots of the new world order 
from Particle Theory, a work in progress

Staccato delivery
Of precious metals

Triangular goalposts
On a once green surface

Water rages down the mountains--
The skin of spring is broken


A shaft of light
On the ancient spire
Before it’s blown to bits


Scorecard there in the darkened room
Two shawls, one ripped
Four blazing centrifugals
Beside the battered stove—
Her doll
His truck
The bells


Beast in the heat of a warren
Buzzards in the walkway, awake and free


So many runnings and runnings
Little scarves flying
Pine needles on fire
Wild leaves blazing
Fields of grain burning black
The old ways dying in the snow


Dust in the freezing air
The square where we used to meet
All blasted and bare
Where are you now
My sweet spring?

The poet Susan Gangel collaborates with many citizens of San Francisco and runs the gallery SF Spaces. Particle Theory is a work in progress, responding to world events.
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