Richard Magahiz

	God's hooks

The quail stood beside the pale flood,
pale as a new tomb, as a blood poor whale,
and I thought Khartoum was the bloom for this male
when with a thud that sail would resume
a back room sale between Barsoom and dry mud
and like a fool the bloom was off the snail.
Consumed by mud and gloom the veil
absorbed perfume from my half-scale room
deep in the bud in tender nubbly Braille

clean wings deep in flutterings from a heap
of green strings clawing toward the keep
in sleep Róisín sings this leap year buttressings
a sting of lean Bo Peep law keen about the flaw
but brilliantine shows her aging mien as cheap
as benzine leavings at a reaping
to know the Jeep is that colleen's embroiderings
steeping olivine in a leaning tureen

Richard Magahiz tries to live an ordered life in harmony with all things natural and created but one that follows unexpected paths. He wrangles computers as a day job but imagines a time when life might center around other things. His work has appeared at Eye to the Telescope, Eccentric Times 3, Star*Line, Dreams and Nightmares, Bewildering Stories, Simultaneous Times newsletter, Otoliths, Uppagus, Heliosparrow, and Mobius: the Journal of Social Change. His website is at https://zeroatthebone.us/
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