Jeff Bagato

Five Poems

Gainer by proxy worn flesh-
across a football field
sized raisin—only in Texas,
only in mercado de mañana
           its future
       mapped by some numbers
             person pulling 
                          from their ass

dirty numbers
        make dirty feels
you see these things sometimes as
      the motorcade rolls by
  as the stones wither in the rain

too young for duty death star
         keeps plucking the strings
                of a loose abacus
     grown loose
               by overuse
          and that’s not a song
                   you remember
               ‘cause it’s catching

go figure alibis for reason
         I’m late but I’m here
                   go figure

pardon marker allusion
           not cloudy all day
    migraine heaven

        This closed box stays
               closed even to those
           who open it      

a little chippy on the windfall
      middlemarch canasta
            jam sex
   collaborator goes to school
              to better collaborate,
                     you betcha

      not that it helps
             washing coconuts
                           before they break

             washing crocodiles
                          is like that,


paydirt playtime

     banana madness
          like what you eat
                  what’s not to like

These new shoes really good
               for you too

         cargo up the mountain
                      on the mind

choose best fears catching
          allopecia dreams

upskirt chatterboxing mirror polishers
    loaf on a brick sofa

     surveillance cameras 
           prove goodness
                  knows anything
       whether they see
             it or not

        pixel record
             giggles for hours

              air raid you see

                 busy all the time
        challenges, only challenges
            up your ass w/ a
                   all the time

instruments we know
        after everything said and done

Jeff Bagato produces poetry and prose as well as mail art, electronic music and glitch video. New books for 2022 document experimental text work from the past few years, including In the Engine Room with Bettie and Andrea Reading Pornography, Gonch Poems, Robot Speak, and Floral Float Flume: Flue Flit Flip.
A blog about his writing and publishing efforts can be found at https://jeffbagato.wordpress.com.
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