Keith Higginbotham

Content Warning

Occupation, isolation, oppression, forced labor,
physical pain, childbirth, violence, blood, torture,
warfare, injury, thoughts and prayers, Sunday school,
drugs, mind control, ableism, racism, sadism,
evangelism, night tremors, child abuse, sexual assault,
eating disorders, high school, animal cruelty,
colonialism, self-harm, gym class, incest,
pornographic content, classism, nudity, homophobia,
mental illness, abduction, suicide, drug abuse,
graphic depictions of bodily fluids, wrestling practice,
objectification, kink shaming, misgendering, 
body horror, body horror, body horror, body horror.

Torsion Drone

depreciate life of half-light from boss to the truck
error fantails itself a fistful burning to a lovely room 

longform fiddles my spirit applied conjecture columns
rebellion contagion brows hair shrub

Prairie Shoe

the same sleeping head the
hand book

cakes your horse
the rosy example 
of the heartland

wolf cereal thumbs 
the peanut tree 

moon ruckles the 
american desert bright

Mercer Street

walk in my jays 
lost bluish love: tomahawk 
	hungry dance caves 
	undress a bouncer, fad 
in the fingers 
half-light machetes food your 
	of life what’s this 
fistful about


my yarn
whispers of the eye
words downstream pooled
lithe like sidle ripening

I’m equally the trees and 
the tongues

my violet lie she pulses
my bread in the meadow’s same 
soft pent heat past
a gravity bell

a dope remainder
about the wind around it 
again it sounds ceremonial
in life the churn deletes
a mountain to ignite

Keith Higginbotham has published the poetry collections Calibration (Argotist eBooks), Theme From Next Date (Ten Pages Press), Prosaic Suburban Commercial (Eratio Editions), and Carrying the Air on a Stick (The Runaway Spoon Press). He also makes art, which has appeared in various publications and on book covers, and most recently in The Melon Factory Magazine. You can find his artwork on Instagram (@jkeith2f) and all sorts of other stuff on his Twitter account (@ohaikeith). He lives in South Carolina.
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