Robin Wyatt Dunn

The Great Wall of New Mexico

Extends southward
From Guadalupita
64 miles
To a place marked Park Springs Airport

The Airport is built over a geoglyph
Some 8 miles in diameter
Like a sand rubbing almost lost
But still visible from the air

The land, from green to red
Fresh to barren

There in the heart of the country
Where the organ was partially cut out
You can see the great surgeon's hands
Aligning his sights from the comet
Arming his rod-and-ring

Eat your own bread in quietness

Quick and stifle all the feints
The generation's taint
And dread

Cut the crawling menace in your head
Contend with friends until they're dead
The straight and ornery surround
Quilling storms 

The values butter nested in their graves
Looping slow against the page their rage betwixt
Now we can care further in the groveling and stage
Our colors pure

Hear the pageant
Thrust against your throat

"Here is how it is"

No it isn't

Robin Wyatt Dunn was born in Wyoming in 1979. You can read more of his work at www.robindunn.com.
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