Ségolène Pihut 


Vomit woke up my lover last night. It was exiting his mouth.
 In surprise he staggered up. It fell from his mouth again.
 A sonic slap on the ground. 
And a smell spread of game.

Last night he pissed himself.
Like a learned lesson we were not as frightened. 
We slipped a towel on the fresh stain and fell back asleep.

Sleep is where I have learned my lovers in vulnerability. It is where they all have shown the face 
of a child you birthed that was cursed with a curse of ugliness but you hold it in your hands 
lovingly, almost pleased that life has challenged you this way, so directly and so unproudly.

If I can love an ugly child, then I must be able to love anything.
It made me smug, knowing
I have already championed Life
and her hardness.


John, In We

In short an anus a blank board of wittle a simmin of an underpath
of a big highway, big like a butt, soon hanging out underneath the               
testicles of a truck                                                                                                     
A simmin unh honey i unhh hung uh an painting an unh painting the paipainting we had bought together with cash cash cum cold come down come dumb cum dummy
Bringing up with a sanctified uh sanctifion sSummy singing up top like a big dum whistle big like a Big Gem Up 00/100 insert tis um image of a 70 yearold Mom hanging up on the phone receiver Like a big Slam of Plastitic Noise.                     I am a Plasitic Parasite, Mom, I say, big gummy Bright is what they call me. Mom cranks her head, as shaking water from her ear. She squishes her eye like shes got a tick stuck below, below her quilted belt, little tick hanging onto the bush of her labia. I am, handed a butter knife at this time

                                                             Um oh Uhm summy uhm Dumb and Coming, just
                                                   Like Uhm like Dum like Summy Jeremiah Jeremiah who   
don’t exist never do never does Unh Um Me He didn’t exist but he touched me under my shaft lifted it up like An uhm Wurm that umm cum from under his bare foot, above grass, at lake at unh dawn were ahn um I realised that Um Cumming don’t make you love even unnh at Lake.

Ségolène Pihut is a poet in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania and operates a multimedia studio practice. She holds a BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute in Interactive Arts.
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