Jeff Bagato

Bird Lessons

tandem lack gainsay trill anomaly
     flap tan collect en all
           tosser chance
     lug action post refill

                 next, ask pot
                          next, tell building
                 bill telling
                          next sacrifice net

                 blush bee decision anew
                        took free
                                          took free

    bird lessons, bitter neath
           toad lessons uniform
        quando morning star

        bits of a tell
                    on every front

              oligarch pylon
                         respire nets next 

              negs for you
                     identity bits

nibs bricks fit chat
               uh huh

      derails, delays, bleeds to this
chip fester
              weed bits
          motor bits

       next distance
               next telegraph

       next deliquesent
              ever next bits

Magnified Channels

stage miser plumps calumny
        fixed categories
                    squeezed to lie

        a minus

        it’s a movie      mouth
            upon the green

         askance. If it ever.

   magnified channels

lapse charge assonance signal
         back to this mollify
         back to that

albums of the impressed

          great deal of feed
             to mack like then

leak allusion

bleached beans
           borrow batch

saga lake enigma fouls
      a concrete sheen
    stop. lesson averted

one day this will all
             be a dream

antidote given properly
                 (leak allusion)

      here to further pick up


more so

treats don’t mean unimportant
all this life
       sent shredward
back again in time
       repeat the process

load off.   nude drawing
    sensitive in all the right

    telling it
        to the feed

    the feeders 
            come up like compost
    the garbage they like
             is the same
          garbage yesterday

      the day before
  today & the today
               after today

         only more so

Later Mages

granary           tamed in little pieces

       no granular
              thought fed cattlewise

              at peak of pleasure

          no orgasmic
              quite natural in a barnyard

agreement to grammar
argument to law
tegument to armor
monument to history

later mages fight this meaning with means

no telling
             who a language

Jeff Bagato produces poetry and prose as well as mail art, electronic music and glitch video. New books for 2022 document experimental text work from the past few years, including In the Engine Room with Bettie and Andrea Reading Pornography, Gonch Poems, Robot Speak, and Floral Float Flume: Flue Flit Flip. A blog about his writing and publishing efforts can be found at https://jeffbagato.wordpress.com.
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