Individual pieces Copyright © 2006 by their respective creators

Issue One Date of Publication 1 May, 2006.

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Dan Waber (photos by Meghan Scott)
      Six hay(na)ku

Michelle Greenblatt
      Seven haibun

Daniel f. Bradley
     Two poems & two pieces of visual poetry

kari edwards
     Three poems

Nico Vassilakis
     Five pieces

Jean Vengua
     The Aching Vicinities - a mini-chapbook

Michael Farrell
     Three poems

Alex Gildzen
      4 MONTHS: an excerpt from Alex in Movieland

Eileen Tabios
     My City of Baguio

Tom Beckett
     A Desultory Improvisation

Nicholas Downing
     Things Don't Stop

Francis Raven
     Four poems

Geof Huth
     Eight pieces of visual poetry

Andrew Lundwall
     Four poems

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen
     Five poems

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen & John M. Bennett
     Four visual poems

John M. Bennett
     Four poems

William Allegrezza
     Five poems

Sheila E. Murphy
     Four visual & Four textual poems

Martin Edmond
     The Inconsolable Song

David-Baptiste Chirot
      Three rubBEings

Ernesto Priego

Laurie Duggan
     Three poems

Reed Altemus
     Two scans

Jordan Stempleman
     Three poems

Irving Weiss
     Two poems

Jeff Harrison
     Four poems

Bob Marcacci

Marko J. Niemi
     Six pieces of visual poetry

Lars Palm
     Three poems

pr primeau
     Two poems from: Check to see how much is left

Michael Rothenberg
     Two visual pieces & a poem

Jack Kimball
     Two Poems

      Amber Zoom Lens
      There Is (There
      Is Not) Confusion

Ray Craig
     inferred from. two identical distances. - a mini-chapbook

Dion Farquhar
     Two poems

Donna Kuhn
     Three pieces of visual poetry & Two poems

Richard Lopez
     Two poems

Michael P. Steven
     Pt. Chevalier Beach

harry k. stammer
     Four visual poems

Thomas Fink
     Three poems

Gregory Vincent St Thomasino
     Six Haiku Cycle

Dan Waber (photos by Meghan Scott)
     Closed Off

     Contributors' blogs