Jean Vengua/ The Aching Vicinities / 8

Subjects / Objects

the ache wears bells
a book seeks solace
24 hours ply a weave
glasses lack all logic
drinking is emotional
alienation seeks power
dogs refuse kitty hats
hats mourn their contents
the tv bakes fresh bread
numbers call their particles

The Shifting

in the mean time four chairs
and i occupy a fitf. period

change the spelling i try to
make. what comes to : shoulder

are the knobs of bones under
flesh. distance from nail to

surface of hand fingers type
along a mind surface. breath

see short intake of curtains
table and shouldering of ten

sion. i try to make. not trying
to make. whate watter what

ever i try to make takes a
breath. takes ten shoulder

ing the effort to come to
make. this where with all i

try to make. but then the an
arbitrary decisions cuts the

line. many lines bisecting
neck shoulder leveled to see

empty: makes the weight set
tled on one side skews the

other. warming up shifting
from one side to th other.

The Conditions

I don't trust them, the nouns. The objects object. Mood trips the

wire. Mood the noun. Mood the recurring pause. The scratchy skin

of emotion meeting the sound of news. Were of the kitchen fan

failing to disperse smoke. Desire to modulate between the general

and the specific. Or else delete. Move continually from the thing to

the abstract. Whatever is real at the moment. Indicate with "" and

view from a slight distance. Delete or change the meaning slightly.

I suspect it has something to do with the dream I can't remember.

Nothing is specific, everything leans into the subjunctive. What is

perceived as conditional is the air I breathe.

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