Individual pieces Copyright © 2006 by their respective creators

Issue two Date of Publication 1 August, 2006.

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Karl Young
The Whir of Light Machines

Juhana Vähänen
Alan Turing

Martin Edmond

Rochelle Ratner
Four Poems

Louise Landes Levi
Nine Sections from The Book L,

Cath Vidler
Two Poems

Michael Farrell
Two Poems
Another Two Poems

Christian Jensen
Grey Sands

Ira Joel Haber
Three Paintings

Bruce Covey
From: Reveal

Jill Jones
From dog till dust
Three Sonnets

Allen Bramhall
Aliens Straining At Sense

Derek Motion
birds take 3

Caleb Puckett
Two Poems

Sandra Simonds
The Tar Pit Diatoms - An Otoliths mini-chap

Vernon Frazer
Visual panels from IMPROVISATIONS, Series B
Three Poems

Pat Nolan
Four Poems

Donald Illich
Two Poems

J. D. Nelson
Three Poems

harry k stammer
Jack 'n Jill ride with Joseph and Mary
uninominal / telautograph / badinage

Steve Tills
Two Poems

David Meltzer
Two Poems

Tom Beckett
A Meditation

Thomas Fink
Six Paintings

Crag Hill
Five Poems

Ira Cohen
Three Poems

Carol Jenkins

Miia Toivio
Three Poems

John M. Bennett
Six Poems

Michael Rothenberg
Parrakeet 4
Gray Days

Geof Huth
There is Nothing but Sunlight and Shadow in the Open Street

David-Baptiste Chirot
Eight from Portraits_Pieces
Hidden in Plain Sight

Aki Salmela
Three poems from Word in Progress
Last Poets

Sandy McIntosh
from Forty-Nine Guaranteed Ways To Escape Death

Michelle Greenblatt
Seven Poems from Ashes and Seeds

Janne Nummela

Tom Hibbard
Three Poems

Marko J. Niemi
Julia Sets of Letters

Phil Primeau
Good Fight Good Night

Kevin Opstedal
Three Poems

Olli Sinivaara
A Second

Nico Vassilakis & John M. Bennett
Three Visual Poems

Michael McClure
Two Poems

Pam Brown
Three Poems

Leevi Lehto
Ananke: A Pantoum

Eileen Tabios
The Corporate Cat

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