Derek Motion

do you suffer from premature ejaculation?

first examine the roles implicit in the historical
    discourses / you are popular culture
    so be proud to be various / pele’s inclusion
is a very novel sentiment for a start &

second pele is not famous any more he is no more than
    a ‘family friend’ seeking a roommate. imagine him.
    ‘please to sign for a new life in modern japan?’

third there’s always press conferences. nintendo. la de da lyrics.
    ‘did you know this or that?’ & ‘read no further’ options.
    john anderson tells us ‘there is in jesus christ
a way back’. it is an option too, like others.

fourth suffer no tickets on one’s self / look bludgers
    from the north in the eye (what with pele’s departure)
    & embrace transient doco speak /
    love post-comment surprise – ritardando –
ditto drunken australian girls.

fifth baby clothes & queer screen values mean
    go spotlighting roos. roos are droplets of water
    on manifest sex differences / audio books are not
direct enough.

sixth get diagnosed as hispanic / write a review of whiplash,
    or a crude oil ‘who, how, & why’ / go through a stage of
‘loveliest ears possible’.

eighth only dwarves expect too much from their genitals.
    learn a craft, maybe selector of erotic poetry submissions
from behind / the poem is illustration.

ninth audition for a ‘little sneak’ part / you
    love, you aim.

lagoon diagnostic

one aspect of grass or clover banding with another
& so on, this in order to create a descending
spiralled pathway three metres wide
a continuum of green
the slope to lure whatever will be
downwards & it is a combined effort

trim hedge gives the impression of opening
after which grass fades into gravelled
& more distinct causeways      it is natural to
proceed, there is only scent behind &
making a point endless circles begin:
native grass & rock guiding one & all
slipping around a pool inscrutable

to notice the signature sculpture or even
amphitheatre is not luck but synergy

the copper beat sun steals no limelight
from the water-feature
floodlights steadily perceive a role
as central illuminator
it is a group effort &
there is only calm fluidity
in its description

Derek Motion lives in Australia or online at TypingSpace. This year he edited fourW seventeen.

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