Derek Motion

real jessica

alba my paris my amour my
real-estate idol island hilton.
l’equipe the electric picnic; viva
duff! fifa, qantas, cnn…
budget travel bus eireann.
the lingus hillary, the space big
brother / desperate belle;
clara power afl runes
bus, car, airport, tire? get
real get blue: jessica simpson du musical?
master space master power – high virgin
mischa barton de la love jennifer hawkins
(youtube) plus tv1 the veronicas’ coupe;
australian housewives. real jessica.


walking goes long (walking through dusk
chains falling about the wayside (this hollywood
afternoon (but with a pirouette & stolen shadow
the maybes wait (you can stand & not fidget

rules vanish with breathing (with the clear night
& your accent is a separate person (looks betray
the calm sociopath as you speak (making order
out of this supposed line that flickers (& goes

bump (in the morning we are friends this making
you cry (joy or post-fucking bliss it is (the fear
of witches of mazes of (violent change being the
only way small elements are observable (for now

most of us go home (with only a few cares & patches
seeing the universe unlike it is (prevailing because

Derek Motion is awaiting the birth of his first daughter; nevertheless he blogs at TypingSpace, edits fourW, researches some sort of phd. & writes poems.

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