Jeff Encke

+Q and -Q

at heights a and b
under a rotating shutter
                field mills suffer

sensitive to aerosol

the gradient results
from a positive

                sustained by
disturbed weather

against a high voltmeter
carried out in situ

smoke concentrations
                               reduce air

wear from moving

                               slowly deteriorate
the flame probes, water droppers

the long wire antennae

being unable

to escape Stromboli

classed as sub-plinian
after Pliny

magmas produce
silica-rich viscosities

                  when a vent opens

intermittent      discrete bursts

and those known as rhyolites

a semi-quantitative scale

the aerosol veil
                        by gases

based on mass

American Poetry Review, Barrow Street, Bat City Review, Black Warrior Review, Colorado Review, Columbia: A Journal of Literature & Art, Fence, Kenyon Review Online, Octopus Magazine, Salt Hill, and Tarpaulin Sky, have published (or will publish) Jeff Encke's poetry. He has taught writing and criticism at Columbia University in New York and Richard Hugo House in Seattle.

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