Eileen R. Tabios


If I fell off a tree, would anyone notice?

Would anyone cut down the forest?

Would you still publicize global warming?

Would you still look beyond human mortality?

"I would never consider a parrot
for a pet as it would live
longer than I, being human, could muster..."

Then bury me please under a canopy of red roses
         never mind the flock of white doves
A dozen canons synchronized will do

For, somewhere on this planet, an acorn
       is penetrating sodden earth—

there's no need to apologize for dancing
from one's hips—roundly!—eyes closed
and taking up as much space
as one wants from the dance floor
at someone else's wedding

Author's Note: The last stanza was written "after" THE WIDENING, a novel by Carol Moldaw.

Eileen R. Tabios' publications includes 16 poetry collections, an art essay collection, a poetry essay/interview anthology, and a short story book. Most recent book is Nota Bene Eiswein (Ahadada, 2009). Forthcoming in 2010 is THE THORN ROSARY: SELECTED PROSE POEMS 1998-2010, selected by Thomas Fink. She has been blessed to have Dr. Fink as her editor at Marsh Hawk Press which will publish her first Selected Poems project.

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An exotic and surreal wonder of live. As usual, congratulations, Anny

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