Yonah Korngold

from noisy motions

a single eye
dampens speed to catch a glimpse
of green movements across the street

snow quarters blocks of silence once the storm winds to sleep

a sense of that color collects in drops over rest notes
a puddle of green over tv snow

the day begins to overlap
and someone is raking up wet leaves
that fell off the tree during the storm
bundles of color undone and swept into oversized trash bags

she remains cordless
emotion drips the eyes flicker

air conditioner a constant howl/hum
beginning of slope
a slop of petals?
lopsided peculiar tolls on the way to the shore

motionless drafts of second guesses glued to any thoughts of what
could have been

the sensors went off
pitch dark offset by the kitchen light and the A/C rooftop hum,

the push of yes


two chord strum and walk away
this horn section is making me nervous

full of red eyes sipping
or staring
half closed in suspicion

strongstrong coffee and open eyes
oranges jumping out of fruit baskets
vases tipped over
pirates board a Greyhound bus headed to Atlantic City
ladles scoop up the slop of fog filled dawn
counting bean in a jar, bean in a jar

senses envelope all thoughts of green

a frustrated rhythm unfolds
this is what defines the mess I guess?

eyes shutter and default back to midnight like a reset dashboard clock


seeing blur
then a spot of red

inside nothing
and a gasp of air

the swell of sound can even empty breath straight out of the room

this constant rhythm is unforgiving

I see it
but then lost it

the malfunctioning dashboard clock blinks midnight

all systems shut downto consider the moment
lapse of eye shutter
blink of text and information exchange

actually the clock is still working but just gave up on keeping track

this is where the mess becomes second guessed
all wound up in a series of introductions

while speeding over highway emptiness the clown car gets a ticket
for not having enough seatbelts for the number of passengers in motion

Yonah Korngold is a writer from Philadelphia and the author of many outrageous claims. He received his MA from Temple University and currently contributes to merryswankster.com.

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