Didi Menendez

Didi Menendez is the publisher of O&S (Poets and Artists). Her publication MiPOesias (specifically the issue Gabriel Gudding edited and published in 2005) was recognized by Best American Poetry in 2006. Her publication OCHO #6 (poem by Lorna Dee Cervantes) won a Pushcart Prize. OCHO #16 edited by Barbara Jane Reyes was recognized by Best American Poetry in 2009.

What is (or has been) your favorite editing project and why?

My favorite editing project was MiPoesias featuring Miguel Murphy on the cover because it was the first issue of MiPOesias which was produced with the intention of breaking all barriers in the publishing arena of poetry.

I prepared for the issue in advance by contacting the poets and gaving them specific details of what they were supposed to supply in the way of poetry and photography. I was not a 100% sure that they would all come through and was very pleasantly surprised. I especially was impressed with Ken Rumble's photo shoot. He was a contender for the cover.

We were getting close to the production date and some of the original poets selected dropped out so I went searching at the last minute and came across Miguel Murphy's blog and I asked him to send us poems. Amy King edited the poetry for that issue and suggested him for our cover based on his submission.

This issue was to be available in full online in living color featuring poets as we had not seen them spread out in a poetry magazine ever before. We also made the issue available as a print-on-demand offering the best of both worlds. We even had a professional photographer (April Carter-Grant) take care of photographing our cover poet Miguel Murphy because we were on a deadline and she was in Los Angeles and so was he. She took over 200 photos in that shoot. April was preparing the spread and design for that issue so everything fell into place.

My vision of what a poetry magazine should look like and feel like finally became the real deal and we have been doing that ever since.

Pablito's Granddaughter
oil on wood - approx. 12 inch diameter

oil on canvas 16 by 20 inches

Pablito's Wife
oil on canvas 20 x 16 inches

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