SJ Fowler

(the Il-Khanid period AD 1220-1335)

13thC> Chingiz Khan establishes his power in China . Though hardly alone! If ever a man was in company…

1219 AD :: Chingiz invades central Asia & is rarely tired in doing so. He is rarely pushed. There appears something about an eagle…fishing.

= 1223 AD = Mongols (it’s assumed – Chingiz) have devastated the cities of central Asia + murdered their people. Let’s place ourselves in the fear before arrival. We always are, we return again to Heidegger (Many have hoped for the best = massacre)

// 12.. AD : time apart is required. Pensive consideration of those split from their ramparts – pit burned. Raped. Watch for soft soft eyes! The eagle wears a fallen motif, he; an ornithologist.

~ 1258 AD The Second Invasion! They curse Chingiz’s bones. Three decades rest. Hulegu Khan, his grandson, charges into Baghdad. List, to do, ticked. Sack the city, kill its citizens, assassnate the Abbasid caliph (in the margins – the caliphate was 500 years old, finished)

**1260** eagle nests in Gurganj, muggy. A precious year for some. At Ayn Jalut in Palestine the Mamluks cease the Mongol advance & onslaught. Many are caught red-handed by their attendance.

< 1295 AD A time for pottery, patronising the arts, stability. Phoenixes, dragons, lotuses. Enormous palaces, tombs, mosques. The eagle keels, fishless, a new bird sprouts, with an oiled black beak

(under the descendants of Timur AD 1370-1576))

Iran under the descendants of Tamerlane
+ early Safavids. Fucking hell it was hot

          -     AD1370 the Central Asian ruler par excellent
          -     Tamerlane
establishes his capital at Samarqand. He didn’t like
Merv, Bukhara , Herat or Kabul . Too dirty, lofty, ugly, dusty

+ like the Mongols he conquered Iran , Iraq , Armenia , Transoxania, Northern India

~{ do not get the impression that this is easy to do!!!}~

           Nothing lasts and Timur’s heirs, the Timurids, couldn’t hold their western territories against the Turkmen tribes – led by Aydin and his forebearers
           of Eastern Anatolia

—the Agqoyinla, which means white sheep, were an idiot threat
goat fuckers

Meanwhile Sultan Husayn Bayqara, the last Timurid
emperor, rotting in his palace, supported poetry before all else

                               … Jami a Mir Shir Nara’i
were made fathers here

          -     Civil war lit the Safavids in Ismai’il defeated the Turkmans + was crowned Shah in 1501. By 1510 he had reunited Iran under Shii’van

# We finished with Shah Tahmapp who began an art lover
+ finished a zealot…Which is the price for moving so often

(Seljuqs in Iran ::: AD 1050-1200)

::::we have soft spots for seljuqs::::we all do, it has become a burden::::
::::philosophy+science, a roving technological economy. architectonic madrasa attack::::

          •     Turkic tribe they had Afghani lamb, Syrian dates and Anatolian apples. They went south, served in the Ghaznavid army, ate the later 10th + early 11th century***

^^^ Tughil Beg, Tughnil Begg ^^^

! From the moment he was inside he defeated the Ghaznavids. Entering Baghdad in ad1055, the Abbasid caliph recognised him as the speartip of the Seljuq sultanate ((its hard to write Seljuq in English, how often does q follow j!)

          -     Preservers and Spies:::: the staunch
          -     Sunni
          -     Seljuqs
          -     spawned
          -     sophisticated
          -     spy networks to hold back the
          -     Shi’a fatamids +++ IsMAILi IraNIAns

::::How did that turn out?::::
::::Philosophy is without gratitude::::

SJ Fowler writes: "These poems are intended to be aberrant and perhaps humourous, but more succinctly they are an attempt to satirise the assumptions of historical objectivity and the given value of historical commentary which is accepted without justification, as given, in contemporary academic circles. I am trying to embody the innate reductivisim, subjectivity and irreverance so fundamental to historical study, and that the poems focus on the Middle East and Islamic history is not so much a political commentary as a personal interest (the information was sourced from my place of work, the British Museum) and perhaps they are an aside at disingenuous attempts to redress European logocentrism in favour of a more global history."
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