Kit Schluter


Made-you a gesture in apple orchard thine
And sealed a heart as herbs mull a tea this body
Of hills of hills in apple orchard thine
This body of hills this body of hills

Air descended lowering light it was dust
You gathered for nights steeped in dew
We drank we drank in lowering light it was dust
In dew that we drank in dew that we drank

Petrichor crepuscule thighs of the night
A thigh aglow moonlit advancing a word
An urge an urge the thighs of the night
Advancing a word advancing a word

Kit Schluter is founder and co-editor of O'Clock, a chapbook press, and CLOCK, a journal of contemporary poetry, of which the first issue will be released in the summer of 2011. He recently completed a translation and critical edition of Marcel Schwob's 1894 Le Livre de Monelle. His work has appeared in several places, including The Bard Papers, Neva on the Hudson, and Puke!. He has been awarded a Glascock Prize, judged by Stephen Burt, Dawn Lundy Martin, and Jeffrey Harrison, and has several translations forthcoming in volume 4 of University of California Press' Poems for the Millenium (North African poetry).
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