Felino Soriano

Recollections 1

|musical reference, articulated memoir|

Of music
                —after diligent persuasion of specific emotional nuances

creating tone then tonal relapse supposition erratic
                                                                                                          range of musical inconsistencies.

                the mercy of tongue of horn then jazz relaying buzz and strum of smoky wings—

                               collocated theory of a Basquiat

                                                                                                          unyet determination
s p a c i a l
                                                             dichotomous venture of oiled ink, stained serenade
upon light’s organic angular dissemination.

Recollections 2

|syncopated sound, delivered methodology|


                use of lost benevolence, maleficence mimesis anger’s operational
restructuring of the unthinker’s immobile brand of

                               telekinetic absence


                                                                                                                         compromised rhythms
                                                                                                                         relaying circular renditions of
                                                                                                                         relayed miscommunications


mistaken emblems
dusted porcelain coverings
                               skin of alabaster anecdotes, customized
renewal toward blatant bourgeois reflections of herded

Recollections 3


Breaths of broken weaves
                interwoven DNA                linearly launched
                               constructs fading

from the memorable decline of corporeal subjection

featuring the roam of burgeoning space

particular deconstructing mobility’s

rejiggered spectrum                sickness or articulating health as movement’s

structural abstraction
                radiant asterisk                               designating theme as thematic failure
frequent as lies of the tongue’s subconscious relegated feature

found away from the quietus of night’s legitimate lineament

Recollections 4

|nearness or, theory|

A thaumaturge’s hand of inoculated renewal
                                                             recast of picayune shadow, moribund diameter of death’s
                               inexistence, gray gray. Mirrors
resemble populated smiles

                                              curtailing missions of avant-garde specifics; terms teem
dilute of the eventual unlacing similes

gradated then                guarded as
                                                                            moments of youth whose worries become

focal attributes of life’s later inebriations.

Recollections 5

|of resuscitation|

Sacred moments create articles of diligent
realization upon the mind’s indwelling of
modular interpretations. Raise and reclaim
the body-bent ornamentation of placid
reformation; of roles the tongue rolls
mentioning hope and reliant moisture of its
myopic, misused foundational faculty.

Recollections 6

|then listen, then reinvent|

Voice, muscular blue                progressed hand-first                birth
relic naturalized opinions       obtaining specialized
                revisions of
                               phonations. Voluminous
whose speech                predetermines
                                                                                           use of useless ideological
                                                                                                          variants, compose
incessant avaritia of tonal manipulation.

Felino A. Soriano (b. 1974) is a case manager and advocate for adults with developmental and physical disabilities. In 2010, he was chosen for the Gertrude Stein "rose" prize for creativity in poetry from Wilderness House Literary Review. Philosophical studies collocated with his connection to various idioms of jazz explains motivation for poetic occurrences. For information, including his 44 print and electronic collections of poetry, over 2,800 published poems, interviews, and editorships, please visit his website: www.felinoasoriano.info.
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