Melissa Eleftherion

from huminsect

shell wing. chrysalis leaf sun.
apex alula. head blade corona.
whorl, great coverts. mesothorax. cuticle gas.
spires primaries. wing. petiole. radioactive.
suture mirror. segment midrib. ____________
labrum. ______ antenna sheath.
photosphere. siphonal tertial.
cremaster stipule. core.

Usually lamellate, sometimes flabellate.1
Call is an ascending whistle.2
Tegulae present. Body flattened.3
Deciduous, show enough face pattern to separate.4
All killing jars should be wiped out occasionally.
Wingbeats slow enough to be counted.


1 (superfamily scarabaeid)

2 (common loon)

3 (achilid planthopper)

4 (bridled titmouse)

Elytra Meat

That little girl already a slut on roller skates.
Elytra truncate and not much taller than wide.

Handjob in the schoolyard.
Arista rises at base of 3rd antennal segment.

Asphalt peeled off her like skin.
Occurs at fresh sap flows on trees.

Good attendance reward.
Larvae can jump.

Bra straps showing.
Does not reach tegula.

Meat on the shelf.
Mouth parts chewing.

Melissa Eleftherion grew up in Brooklyn. Recent work can be found in TRY, Ur Vox, Letterbox Magazine, 580 Split, MiPOesias, Womb, the press gang, There, Shampoo, Front Porch, and Cricket Online Review. New work is forthcoming from Octopus Magazine. She is pursuing a master’s degree in library science, and received her MFA in 2007. Occasional rants and poems can be found at outoftheshower.tumblr.com. She shares a home in Berkeley, California with her husband, her four-year old son, and a couple of chickens.
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