Issue twenty-four Date of Publication February 1, 2012.
Individual pieces Copyright © 2012 by their respective creators

Editor: Mark Young

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Grzegorz Wróblewski
A Study of a Horse For Dr Marabout

Noha Al-Badry

Hugh Behm-Steinberg
Four Poems

Tom Beckett

j/j hastain
from female he and correlational femme

Arhm Choi
The Painting

John Martone

Philip Byron Oakes
Five Poems

Bobbi Lurie

John M. Bennett
Text Poems
Some More Text Poems

Raymond Farr
Three Poems
A Cow in a Field Goes Mooo in my Ear

Donna Kuhn
Three Visuals

Calvin Pennix
A Lingering

Cecelia Chapman
Evidence of Things Not Seen

bruno neiva
Warehouse Blues

Travis Cebula
from Ithaca

Theodoros Chiotis
Quasar (Future Biology)

Adam Trawick
"I miss the her of her hum"

Sean Ulman
Four Poems


Michael Gottlieb
Letters to a Middle-Aged Poet

Ana Viviane Minorelli
Two Photographs

Lakey Comess
Two Poems

Spencer Selby
Five Visual Poems

James McLaughlin
Five Poems

Katie Berger
Time Travel: Theory and Practice

Caleb Puckett
Two Prose Pieces

Stephen Nelson
Footfall Fragments

Andrew Topel

Jeff Harrison
Three Poems

Claramarie Burns
Three Poems

Zachary Scott Hamilton

Marthe Reed
from BODY

Kit Kennedy
Two Poems

Jill Jones
Five Poems

Márton Koppány
Hungarian Vispo

Andrew Taylor
Three Poems

Stu Hatton
Five Poems

SJ Fowler
if her last wish were, #s 1-3

David Harrison Horton
from Where Chinese Women Float in Space

Daniel f Bradley
Five Poems

Susan Gangel & Terry Turrentine

Howie Good
Three Poems

John Pursch
Three Poems

Joseph Cooper

D.J. Huppatz
Two Poems

Cherie Hunter Day
Eight Visuals

Stuart Barnes
Three Poems

Bill Drennan
from Flotation Settlement

Charles Freeland
from Albumen

Adam Fagin
from Thayer's Law

Marty Hiatt
Prose Piece

Eva Heisler
Dreams About Art

Helen White
from the soluble colonies series

dan raphael
Two Poems
Two More Poems

Bob Heman

Tim Wright
Three Poems

Michael Brandonisio
A Variety of Things

J. D. Nelson
Six Poems

Mark Cunningham