Collin Schuster

from Dulcimers

               An image separated is a shadow that has withered.

               Hearts are ramshackle but there are strips of green.

               I was just down in Nashville, Brooklyn,

               all over . . .

               You bring the gist of it           what it's after.

               You bring a "lovely phantascope."

               You subsist                in Sappho's thoughts.



“he got Sister Rosetta to be susceptible got everyone susceptible.”

                              "percussive sister"

               Mississippi evening blue thunder

sequel of neurosis insists on contemporaneous

               throb of sun

your insistence

it's your assistance


                                             every present

                                             of pulled back fences

                                             pulled back umber

                                             sepia to gray

                                                             crescent sister

                                             moon to spoon just

                                                                 wanting to be

                                             the whisper

                                             they are real......

Collin Schuster lives in Colorado. He works in Special Education focusing on students with multi-intensive needs.
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