Felino A. Soriano

from a wearing of light

Thrust from

Something assembled slanted.  A something
of a shadow’s verbal praise.  About behavior,
nothing is earned is a fabricated dissection
of the holder’s internal modification.  Sleep
does this.  Why awaken well when day’s
double-handed hold always resembles noon.
Changes burn their pockets, leaving what leaves
whole a diameter of a damaged garden. 


A breath stretched its skeletal sound.  
Its corporeal state, altered, renaming.
Man does this, developing ideology of selective façade.
Something becomes altered following the
hand’s evil speculation.

designs beyond what
delves into gradating an eventual improvisation
of sound and mobile dexterity.

I’ve seen dragonflies examine blur as thesis confirmation.
The good eye researches factual alphabets confirming
duality of already splayed and unorganized plurals. Tiredness 
of static smallness portends a trend furthering the baseline 
behavior of why aloneness leads to remembering.


An importance of ascertaining portrait

Rice grain tumbling
between grace of finger
-thumb aspect,
                        configuring sensation
of frictional elaboration, paralleling
a painter’s release of
idea into fruition
of composite simile,
accurate delve amid
conscious exertion.

collimates water’s frequency of
burying apparitions.  Of what became


death of the oscillating food, what replaces
color when hands donate

in return for angled trickery, 
assaultive implication?  


The formulation of fingerprints and
glaze interacting on a window’s elder physique.  Nuance can never
fully emphasize a wholeness’ predetermined
architecture.  In pre-knowing symmetry I resemble light foremost
amid morning’s slow push into varying angular 
hours and flailing misconceptions.

And music informs me

                                                            —as does a calligraphic crow
                                                                  indenting to remove margins
                                                            systems’ hierarchy of closed hands
                                                            and fleeing from diversions of blurred
                                                                              —holding flame
furthers the palm’s designated
            and expanding recollection
toward providing hold inward
…figuring dexterity of searching
confirms trio of signaling apparitional 

     praising wind with wishing verbs to
           confiscate elation from the watcher
     whose permission to conceal enables
     mentalities of follow and forget applicable
           systems of unremoved deliberation

     composing text from perspectives
     of purposeful openness—collecting
     permissive data from the mirror’s 
     meandering tongue, tonal and accentuated
     among an hour’s elongated fathom

          [possessing] watercolor trees
     processing spring’s diligence to entertain
          bridges of ongoing collocation—
     what wanders is the eventual finale of
          improvising shape and allegorical elation

What becomes from unknowing 

An error occurred amid recognizing blur.
     The alphabet of untruth
misspoke into drawing of a curtained 
flame too undervalued to provide sedentary purpose.
is where light wades into a wandering
where movement means the body’s
premise is a written theory of prosaic
division from rhythm’s devotional
                        Again, the eye is absent.
This means language is not yet invented
awaiting tongues to mangle the innocence
of desire.  Layers rely on introverted
bouquets to splay, comprehended.
death is the cyclic mention of needing.  An 
answer dictates each hand’s rendition
of manipulating vision’s etiquette of
nuanced invitation.  
wondering of mirages’ foundational hum,
the hearing of how a wing looks with
focal examination exploring diversion
more so as gift
the permissive disposition
of wind’s softened approach
to parenting grass’ earliest
threat to cut into angular

Dexterous appearances 


                        where the ocean watches launch—(mirrors reenact their own inventions through visual echoes)
     too, among spirals of dangling sayings        learned watchers use reach
to perform what the memory’s
residue calls on to engage
                                                   an hour’s consistent relapse in 
                                                   portending obedience


Couriers mention they’ve lost their way. (The body releases burden.)
Cannot, —in varied contextual allowances.
I heard an underestimate of language tainting value.
The moment of malleable truth expands into reconfigured otherness.
My wondering of the kaleidoscopic moth—the tonal recreation of painted absquatulation. 


walking paths: mundane
     instead: flight

precision: a fabricated nuance of cultural influence
     instead: improvise

purpose: intuitive explanations of the mind’s bending pathway
     instead: react

thus, with meaning of autonomous secrecy, the body believes and ignites amid causational configuration

Felino A. Soriano is a poet documenting coöccurrences. His poetic language stems from exterior motivation of jazz music and the belief in language’s unconstrained devotion to broaden understanding. His work has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net anthologies. Recent poetry collections include Of isolated limning, Mathematics, Espials, watching what invents perception, and Of these voices. He edits the online journal, Of/with: journal of immanent renditions. He lives in California with his wife and family and is a director of supported living and independent living programs providing supports to adults with developmental disabilities. Visit felinoasoriano.info for more information.
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Felino--these are excellent work! Awe inspiring. My best compliment for work like tnis is--I wish I had written them! Hazzzar! Kudos! Congrats!

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