Anneke Baeten

from Translating Paint

Orbital Verses

Time Converging

Slippery Verse


Dwarf planet annoyed at pidgeonhole-ing

7 verses

A heated debate between 3

Anneke Baeten was born in Belgium, now residing in Sydney, Australia. Educated in Arts and Music, and following a long career in publishing, she is currently working on various series of asemic work. This current series, "Translating Paint," is about translating the impossible and seeking truth where there is none. The attempted translation of paint strokes, drops and smears is an exciting and endless process which results in a dichotomy of explaining paint's meaning through asemic writing. Anneke likens writing asemics/visual poetry to releasing the ferrets in her head. Work has been published in Truck, Utsanga, The New Post-Literate, Coldfront, and has been exhibited at various international exhibitions.

Her website, with representations of all her work, can be found at
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