Steve Dalachinsky

“the laboratory for a new education”
                                - a poemessay on lászló maholy-nagy  - future present 

he is the curve of the consequential
 (w)holed                           arch/angle
          din/can in the most quiet of postures 
                          revolving well modulator
    black underground astrality 
                 oral sense  of  movement 
       sun  where it comes from 
                   space akup katapulting its 
opposites    /  how the snakes form their
                ity    such declarative clarity
                                within the insides of inner 
    space           z
                  special  realities   of   cod  I fi  ca  tion
                  dotted pallet of universal schematic   DOTDOTDOTODT
       incredible folding into the glass as it flexes 
                        wrinkled layers upon wrinkled shadows
 within wrinkled transparency
                                     crink the wavery meltup 
the difficulty of  (per)plex-impasse 
          embrassed  within the efforts of war 
                effects of ability within vibration-shaped flaws 
inc/pretractions                interactions 
                                       &   perfections of such flaws
               as the floor itself becomes bubble 
(the nuclear lather of context) / content 
(apotheosis?)  -  anti-apocalyptic gesture
 because he can do it and think it 
                     the ball that reflects outer events    of internal layers of facts 
             heating the material until we are looking within distorted mirrors
                                                           plasticity of flesh 
   data  de/compiled
        the illusion of layers where light becomes its own
                                                                                                  transient ghost
                              la squigamenté en da igglewarp
     suspending breath while suspended on both sides of the eye
                “a mixture….possible only through creation itself”
scratch recto / verso 
                                using what cannot be manmade
      but what can be harnessed by the science of art & its service to the “REAL”

aside: she is so beautiful    & her curves bent by my now dried sweat
are outfitted with the youth one gains with loss…  
                         a twisted hole
                               in the double loop

mystery     light   shadow   transparency      these are repeated over & over again
vehicles for choreographed luminosity                          “vision in motion)((((( >
   me to myself: “he’s great i’ve always loved his work & feel honored to be viewing so much of it.”    
ripped a gram of comp        position of GESAMPT WORK – 
the whole MAN   -   einer elecktrishen  -     loose organic space lobsters  - 
eccentric architektur   -   SPACE   - composed in re[pose
    CPL 4   CH for Y   CH for R1 L & CH   CH7   CH BEATA   modulator modulator 
Mobius unraveled  / enchained   -   repose in motion 
       quivering city      its million icicles lit by meshes  vision form composure 
                    the tinsel & glamour of NEW YORK
LICHTrequisit variations     RH picture      CH 14B   tightliness     CH space 5   CH 4   
a new vision                 a vision in motion

if “unity of art  can be established…then a real reconstruction of this world can be 
hoped for…more balanced and less dangerous.”   CHB 3   Konstruktion AL6
schaf erkennt unfiltered light “spatial kinetics”  SIL 2  L3 
“blurs vision between material & immaterial” “light & pigment fused into a new unity”
Perg 1  SIL 1   La Sarraz   SRHO1    aluminum 5      sequestered tweed
pneumatic profile quickly away  scaling the escalator 
ketten laden DOORS aberleg wer offene

TP 5 TP 2   duel individuelle     G7a    gala/lith(e)  schematic grau 
workers in union with the marriage of vision P27 OP motion incised LICHTSPIEL
T & Z VI    A XXV     AXL II    A19   s(tr)and  G5   
leaning into her self-portrait the little girl sings  WORK WORKWORK WORK
without ever saying the words WORK WORK WORK WORK
MA (today)   MA (the space between the things)  liberated yet vulnerable
the present AGE
(to) PROP      chlampsglas 
in the room of the present upon the problem of new content
we must       in order to understand the present…TEMPO
transform urges from the past 
evolutionary currents of growth   OR
as the past & the present penetrate one another 
as the past & the present … thus having changed their very essence
Finf(i)eld M(a)Y
the perp(e) of the inclusion
M stamped on the palm 
GELBER  Q XXI  Q XX   circle segments Der Strum
chain metal BROOM 
glass spiral saaaaaaaaaah
conveyance   bicyclist
eccentric   E IV  circle segments  A XX   EMAILLE 1  EMAILLE 2   AII  Z VIII   Z VII  Z IX
kreis und schwarzen  KONSTUKTION 7   A IX
              (farewell edifice of the world with your city lights}
farewell   beautiful young leda 
farewell             swarm
slide between heaven & earth     for to learn you have to bend         
this is the law of the series
KONSTRUKTIONEN QUADRAT           kestnermappe 6
Q  Q       Q  Q  Q                & we begin & end with the hand.

     Guggenheim Museum nyc  8/16/16

The Portuguese Letters

                                                               first letter

                                        in paradise  astonished by the resistant mountains
                                                 she  in  tight frock & turmoil
       confesses;    my Adam    in the dark  world    despair        insanity  useless longing
                                           my own desolation      i perceive        your indifference
                                 shame      neglect             betrayal

                                          i gave myself  fully nothing left   
the alter candle burning to its          bottom                               my sorrow bottomless
                       in my room  confined     within  the heavy air of  your LOVE.


 second letter

                                           if you suffered in the storm
                                           my stormy suffering
                                           is thrice
                                           my concern  for you boundless
                                           as the sea
                                            pain  delight  passion
                                               exploited by your gentleness
                                                      i swayed   & swooned       like a ship
                       tricked by my desires   & by your limitless  grace
                                               tears   sighs     miserable death
                          born to this      to this i stay    blind  leading myself  toward sleep
                                             awakened   &     nourished  by your cruelty.

        horse     rider    hate      honor        surrender     my court martialed heart
                         would that i could tear it from my chest     deserter that it is  
                                    & dispatch it to you   as  remnant.       

                                                                                            i see your impatience
                                             here    take it and   be gone.

                                                            third letter 

          she wears    her words    like skin
            her skin   thin as the partch  she writes on

                 you  hold  me  in your  hands  & read  me

                          she can no longer separate   her love                her hate
                                                                        her complaint       her suffering
   tyranny  of  the senses         despair  
                                                                his eyes  she addresses them from the balcony
   they envelope her    she is stamped & sealed by her longing
                                                                                                          her poignant flagilation
                    oh poor woman   insight shortsight   cruel separation     violent search 

                           salvationfateinflicted  tears       i   wait  for  my heart  to return

                                                        fourth letter

                                returned to reality     yet  so removed from it all
                 i envision your escapades   as you escape around the globe
                        oh  sweet sailor      traveler voyager harvester of  hollow promise
              i’d only myself to contend with  and til now had forgone all truth 
                              who are you what do you  seek  with your flimsy excuses

                          alone in my unhappiness  with no one to share my burden
                                loser I    who gave you so much   was it not fill enough?
           what am i    what do i do   what do i want   i love you madly madness madness 
                  transfered    if your pain were as great  i would surely die   adieu
                            sacrifice   ingratitude   lose   adieu  i  have surely not loved you   enough
                                     fuck me til i see the light once more  oh empty page 
                    oh boring repetition  adieu   begone i lie begone  would that we had never met
                                      i lie  i die of grief not yet a poor crazed creature sane before we touched
   adieu   mourn for me  for the lost tranquility  i now dispise   another year adieu

                                            the moment grows.

                                                                 fifth letter

take the portrait the bracelets the letters ( i will keep but 2 to remind me )   you win i am convinced    you don’t love   i won’t love fini   se fini i should have destroyed them all   but they’re yours have them back   tokens   they serve only to reinforce my own passion which i have become so attached to   not you oh not you   the spell you cast is broken   the clouds over my eyes are gone

Poet/collagist Steve Dalachinsky was born in Brooklyn after the last big war and has managed to survive lots of little wars. His book The Final Nite (Ugly Duckling Presse) won the PEN Oakland National Book Award. His most recent books are Fools Gold (2014 feral press), a superintendent's eyes (revised and expanded 2013 - unbearable/ autonomedia) and flying home, a collaboration with German visual artist Sig Bang Schmidt (Paris Lit Up Press 2015). His latest cd is The Fallout of Dreams with Dave Liebman and Richie Beirach (Roguart 2014). His poem “Particle Fever” was nominated for a 2015 Pushcart Prize. Forthcoming from Overpass Press The Invisible Ray, with artwork by Shalom Neuman.
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