Meeah Williams

nodule network


Like Vulva in Thin Air

O bromeliad
young bromeliad
thy frankincense is mirth
pine cones never enter where saltshakers
stand guard
stop sign
stop sign
for raspberries are what it is worth
I have leaned far sideways
on flux barometers
stolen pokemon from spaghetti squash
robots are my progenitors in hazard
frozen peas will partway save us
you can see hello kitty in any dark
though I may be gone like mozambique
I am with you all the time
like stick figures
like tuna
like uncle bear
like vulva in thin air
christmas lights, my dear, aren't pudding
nor are they freeway traffic
nor all the miles to Jupiter & never back
like elephants without a paddle
they are brave
they are pansy
they are alcoholics with one less chair

seven cloud meringue

Meeah Williams is a writer and graphic artist. She now lives in Seattle.
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