Pearl Button

from trembling underfoot

PROGNOSTICATORS’ CIRCUS —vernaculars: semi-ephemeral handshake patterns emergent upon the chemical world—
she|he snuck under the canvas wall; circus pinned emerald hung on the edge of the bounding plain reality seemed a vertiginous map ratcheted up banks of wooden pews audiences tense topological display of social rectitude choked fingers in fist’s clinch, seeds untwittered along still branches Durga’s children seek amongst tulle banners, plumed horses, tumblers and high-wire prancers big-top pronouncements that loud man in a top hat
why, what for to know where the next foot will fall
Giantess of all circular things, radii reined saddled pi & rode sublunary spires grazed subsequent, carnal intersections          absurdity in the absence of god: born face to face with the irrational
more practically, how to avoid crushing certainty death
oh to know sidereal tracks foreseen, sideshow timetables, signs marked pundits of future promise in swallow coats and gossamer dresses and yet chromatic entrails veer light-wise, wary of suitors noise protocols still deal with arbitrary data the obligate chase message patterns where tokens wink hello before handshake pattern engages
chaos, that bed which charters ocean’s finest waves
chemical machines entreat eternal containment the eye, the ear, nose, skin’s trembling under touch autonomous maps Fibonacci & leaflets conspire non-empty pre-messages unbox their act circus, place for answers, gather, grieve incoherence, death’s sway with fear she|he & rowan tree listen top hat offers assembled wisdom
she|he: skeletal, upright, exact
she|he: bronze castanets, liquid triangles kettle drums colliding
she|he: dark fish with a golden head localized & linguistic, order in entropy’s heated sea
each living entity a conservatory of small logics trembling palimpsest contingent functional in the centre ring, under canvas, gaudy darkness, limbs gently undulate lineages of how-tos unwind for audience minds outside the doors, chasms float upon the riparian-ridden plain supple veridian stems impregnate horizontal winds in those shallow doorways to here, ambulatory boundaries, perverse realities
rocks, burnt sienna clouds, crimson meridians thwart any plea that might be made against aneroid nausea
oh to be an accurate prognosticator, earn a place under the top hat but each impresario stumbles, crumbles under death proves not to have known nevertheless, popcorn under seats audience and the cerulean dream billowed silk, lips as small as currants, words purse
designate some form of lyric answer
               ...and for we others, sighs & other pallid longings
citizen of the Giant’s succulent umber pain’s directive, a respective locality, emotion’s material efficacy
small indigo flares of roasting peanuts presto, cartographic circles amongst the endless prognosticators facing down the rampant the seated
rowan tree and its seeds in the tent’s doorway watching white horses, their tails promethean feathers hover & brood
to know the audience seated in terror panting to know here can be pinned such yearning tumbling in small globes, diviners seek cadastral allegiance amongst heated dreams of loyalty promised safety from the dancing from feet of enormous
supplicants to the big-top ticket-takers & concessionaires
pigeons roost
roost over the torpid cassandric lovers apollonian honour guards vagary of the nightmare the fat lady blows the unicorn’s abandoned horn Mercator coordinates pinion feathers, waves shift signify, lightness of being, wayward elucidation to the ear the world maps, tone’s angular momentum dark burrows of directionality those thorny, noisome places beetles seen between fingers covering faces a blind creatrix blazing sequins & skin to know which way the foot will fall dancers scudding through rings of fire banished magicians covenant poppies golden raven wings aflame with laughter all through the beating air voices incessantly disappear interstices of belonging vacancy & vibrancy
the circus blanketed with ideoloGical comfort
huddles of audience perch, senses pregnant, pulse & outside the Giantess still dancing
we small chemical machines born of iT
tambourines rolling drunkenly signage on the move, breezes spicy and ranting cymbals rouged cheeks crashing
on its way out the door she|he took the centre mic and uttered beauty of the unmade incantations toward an impossible familiarity ***
re-entrance to the tumult floss on the empty breath of late afternoon
it is enough
to trust eaR and the many other crests that kiss in the wind darting chimera she|he joins rowan tree in the stony world, tumultuous comfort we, argent & immense hand open for contact

Pearl Button is a writer, photographer and artist based in West-coast Canada. She has a long history with Western Magical Practices including alchemy, tarot and dream work. Her strong preference for secularism has influenced her understanding of these esoteric studies. She makes much of her art, whether image or word, based on the cognitive dissonance this creates.
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