Brad Vogler

from Works & Days

start somewhere                                               far away is ideal a matter of looking                                early again often and past the way the mudded pond edge                 holds what has been by
pattern various succession steep & who to hear an asking note – (a) small boat at sea worried over the waves lap & break names the mouth cradles unsaid &                                unheard
a float of fog fluted with wishes                 formless                                future displaced you've become a collection of waiting morning for noon noon for night this morning you watch the rain water angle across the road a live ripple rolling forward bloom of worry you know the steadying that needs coupled with this
look closer there a calling comes along some point/thing plied in your middle : swath of gnarls and the shore a calamity of beacons leaves you pushing at the periphery
branch turn                 others (go) quiet incantation dwells in pages that story us fray burn (murmur) & bent fire follow                 wind and to (be) let go the/a world busies at (our) edges shore water rise : (an action)                                to wake                                               to wait

Brad Vogler is the author of my radius, a small stone (Spuyten Duyvil), i know that this ritual (Lute & Cleat), and three chapbooks: errand : a version of (Meekling Press), Amid the Waves Which (Beard of Bees), and Fascicle 30 (Little Red Leaves Textile Series). His work has appeared in numerous journals including: 1110, Cutbank, Free Verse, Small Po[r]tions, Versal and Volt. He works with Delete Press, Posit, and is the editor/web designer of Opon. Find out more about him at https://bradvogler.com.

He writes: "Works & Days began with some thinking on time and place, and how the writing / investigation might span and change across years. While reading Eigner's collected poems, specifically here volume 3, I began to jot words/lines from those on the corresponding date I was reading. Those words/lines are italicized and worked in with my own."
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