Issue fifty-one Date of Publication November 1, 2018.
Individual pieces Copyright © 2018 by their respective creators

Editor: Mark Young

This issue is dedicated to
the memory of Paul T. Lambert
& Felino A. Soriano,
both regular contributors to Otoliths.

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Nico Vassilakis
Two Pieces of Vispo

Alyson Miller
Three Prose Poems

David A. Welch
Three Poems

Brandstifter & Texas Fontanella
from the Black Shores series

David Lohrey
The Other is Oneself

Nick Nelson
a news item

Jake Berry
Argüelles in Elysium

Jeff Bagato
Silenced Scribes (video & stills)
Three Texts

Jim Leftwich & Steve Dalachinsky
Nine Poems

Dylan Harris
Longwy March 2016

Sven Heuchert
Something Close To Truth

David Felix
Three Asemic Pieces

Sanjeev Sethi
Five Poems

Seth Howard
Five Poems

Daniel de Culla
Three Poems

Richard Kostelanetz
pages from SEE SAWS

Mark Cunningham
from Morfact

Cecelia Chapman
Ultima Thule: Horizon, Border and Limits, 2018

Steve Dalachinsky
Four Poems

Maralena Howard & Texas Fontanella
Two Bokusho/Erasure pieces

Peter Bakowski & Ken Bolton
A Note on the Sixpacks
The Spanners: sixpacks 1 & 2
The Spanners: sixpacks 3 & 4
The Truants: sixpacks 1 & 2
The Truants: sixpacks 3 & 4

Jürgen Schneider

dan raphael
Four Poems

JD Rage
Two Poems

Jim Leftwich
Notes on a Couple of Inside-Out Poems
Vocal Aloe

John W. Sexton
Three Poems

Elaine Woo

Joseph Salvatore Aversano
Two Poems

John M. Bennett
Ten Poems

John M. Bennett & Thomas M. Cassidy
Ten Visual Poems

osvaldo cibils & John M. Bennett
Three Visual Poems

John M. Bennett
Eight Visual Poems

Gregory Kimbrell
Five Poems

Carol Stetser

Stephen C. Middleton
Five Poems

Volodymyr Bilyk
Variations on ROADrage

Brad Vogler
from Works & Days

Howie Good
Three Poems

Olivier Schopfer

Lynn Strongin
Three Poems

Eileen R. Tabios
Cloudygenous Ars Poetica

Olchar Lindsann
Five Poems

Sacha Archer
from The Nature of Language

Andrew Topel & Billy Mavreas
from binge

Andrew Topel
Eight Collages

Jami Macarty
from A Body in Liberating Strife

Ficus strangulensis & Steve Dalachinsky
Six Visuals

Christopher Barnes
Five Guru Poems

Brendan Slater
Nine Notated Visuals

Joel Chace
from Threnody in Three Voices

J.J. Campbell
Two Poems

Francesco Aprile
first set of pages
second set of pages
third set of pages
fourth set of pages
fifth set of pages

Jim Leftwich & Crank Sturgeon

Daniel f Bradley
from barely legal

Vernon Frazer
Five Poems

Bob Heman

Jake Marmer
from Transcriptions

Jim Meirose
From Dans L'odeur de la Sainteté

Joe Balaz
Two Hawaiian Islands Pidgin Poems

John Levy
Four Poems

Mike Callaghan
Two "poemish things"

Clara B. Jones
Information Sonnet

Rich Murphy
Constitutional Crisis

Jack Galmitz
One Collage, Four Poems

hiromi suzuki
sous l'eau: a series of five

Kirk Marshall
How To Unfuck Your Heart:

Bill Wolak
Ten Collages

Yoko Danno
Two Poems

Obododimma Oha
Three Poems

Sean Singer
Six Poems

Isabel Gómez de Diego
A Painting

Timothy Pilgrim
Two Poems

Kyle Hemmings
Window Treatments

Johannes S. H. Bjerg
Six sequences and their sounds

Tom Beckett
Image of

Joshua Medsker

Toby Fitch
8 Poems from ILL LIT POP

Willie Smith
Coyote at the Golden Arches

Michael Gottlieb
Sections from Mostly Clearing

Jeff Harrison
Two Poems

Susan Gangel
PAINTINGS: Stakeout Series 29-31

from le anarch

Joseph Buehler

Jim McCrary
from Red Hot Son Ettes

Tim Murphy
Three Poems

Xe M. Sánchez
Two Poems

Gareth Morgan
Two Poems

Keith Nunes
Five Visuals, Two Poems

Andrew Brenza
from Impossible Machines

Marilyn Stablein
Closet Texts

Tom Montag
Two Poems

Tony Beyer
Three Poems

Dawn Nelson Wardrope

Michael O'Brien
Four Poems

Anna Cates
Three Poems

Pete Spence
Three Poems

Siham Karami
Three Poems

Stephen Nelson
Five Asemic Pieces & One Text Poem

AG Davis
Five Poems

Jesse Glass
from The Complete Gaha Noas Zorge
Three Visuals

Erik Fuhrer
[the treebutchers] & other poems

Marcia Arrieta
Four Visuals, Seven Poems

Owen Bullock
Four Poems

Edward Kulemin

Miro Sandev
Musik by Rilke, the remix

Gavin Yates
Three Poems

David Kjellin

Joyce Parkes
Two Poems

Michael Orr

Connor Stratman
Three Poems

Tim Youngs
Four Poems

Michael Brandonisio
Five Photographs

Natsuko Hirata
Hotel Romantica

Jake Goetz
Three Poems

Meryl Stuart Phair
Four Poems

Tess Ridgway
Two Poems

J. D. Nelson
oh shelly, where are you now?

Martin Edmond
Two ficciones

Katrinka Moore
Night Road to Tornillo

Penelope Weiss
Three Poems

John Pursch
Ten Text Pieces

Shloka Shankar
Five Monoku & Two Found Poems

Olivia Macassey
Four Poems

nick-e melville
A Nation Dictat

Cherie Hunter Day
Five Collages


Otoliths would like to acknowledge the Juru People who are the traditional custodians of the land where this journal is prepared.