John M. Bennett

leave pool

the dream of sleep is a
lake filling your room the
room is not the moon the
moon is your hand against
your eye is not the mouth
your name forgets
)dreamt from Ivan Argüelles'
“the shape of sleep”(

short scum drips in a h
ole a hhole yr chilld sleee
ps in is the hand your
wound contains ,laughing
and gaping a spinal sun
eats out the offal sink
cabbage rotting in yr pill

ow    pool of leaves

pus and milk hang back lur
ch a head tu cama gro sera
con hojas lávate la cara sink
slaw dribbly soap un niño
encarcelado por respirar

es el sueño del libro abierto es
un viento arenoso el viento
ciego que me cosquillea la
espalda mi playa de hormigas

calavera de maracuyá

hearts and hands skull surround
maracuyá el ojo abierto cómete el
jarabe agridulce              sesos y semillas

blue dress on a line before a
beach is your tongue opening a
door is a rabbit holding a pen the
paper your feet            wet

L E N gg  U  A
pinches plosivivos ddice gggagar ente
mosquito más grande que
mi cahbecita cabecacita
nodarkmatterno dark matternodarkmatter
a city floods I buried my face in flowering dung

- Yvan Mignot


drowned on the boat a squalling
innertube erases all the letters yr
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
name not seen a dreaming
phone ,shrieking disappears
into yr pocket sticky coins
rotting passion fruit       caconamination

)maintenant(  ~ ~  ~   ~    ~       je n'ai que vent de sang

ombligado si quemado

raw no bun hamburger grunts and
drowns on a flatbed truck is a pool
fermenting in a porta-potty crowd
cheers and farts ~ ~  ~   ~    ~     ~      ~

hot half sunk huh shorter
strewn leg yr aver age swollen
knee and t rash  ...si sólo.....  a
wake on parkbench deep culvert
gushes below hands sprayed on
walls Tlaloc's eyes glued shut shots
crack behind the junglegym the
sidewalk bleeding toward a street

Ѳ     Ѳ
the fire the rain the fire the
rain the fire the rain
the fire the rain the fire the
rrrrrain ≈ ≈        

)my dog eye slept(

shadowed storm tus ojos
de un siglo ha blador
in vasive shoot 'em
necks cluster hide be
hind a boulder written
ABIDE y te pelo
un solo pedo donde
te duermo en el ataúd
de tu día príncipe
(:) reino de mis óculos acuáticos

the fire all time

ham dye vertigo light re
flection of shallow year
cigarettes and syllables dis
olving down the cl iffs
m ask and n uts
- fog risen from Ivan Argüelles'
“Technique of Oblivion”

chock short spam
slab knot fork
blood CLOCK shoe
bing BLACK sore
trot clot pool
dust dark cloud

¡stung mute sock jus
t ch atter after the
blood fall stops your
TV cut off bubbling through
uh hairless libps
said it nuthin's sumpin'  ha! huh

of rotting squash beneath a bus where
you sitting is a gate on fire is
a glass your hand wraps up is
Bob Grumman see's sleeping in
a doorless house windows concrete b
locked starts to drink aloud the
crust of face pulsed red a
sea of clastic waste crowding
up the hill

And clods beneath the pavement!
- Retorico Unentesi, transmuting Gerard de Nerval

je veux pouvoir interroger sur un songe
cette cessation brusque des nuages au-dessus
- Mostafa Nissabouri


is intent
sunk cLaw
ham       mer

seeping shoe

core   k     not
embF   lame
yr tloot

f   lung     age
h     alf

is in not


rul   er     gut

lood   a

hof chaks
raf yllaer

a  an   aant

lentes negros

pick up spider with hashi
add it as a link on your email
click to your smirking ghost
search the junkyard headlight
under a smouldering chair
no te olvides        at the
circulation desk      forget the books
forget rounded air             etc.

interfog receipts your eyes in
the blue screen find a rusty
bolt or blood crusted on
your explanations agafac chento
blortulib spreaks ahn spreecks

...un soleil encore sourd des fractures du néant
et consubstantiel au vertige du langage.
- Mostafa Nissabouri

inner flake fires       up
you    a lens          unglued

jueves viernes miércoles domingo

es jueves en el alba líquida de la
sequía y viernes el alba seca de la
inundación ,impacto de ,umbélico
trained to float on the gnats' flicker 
sunlight drowned in trees a glittering fog in
the corner of my eye es miércoles en la
oscuridad que me ilumina los domingos de
silencio ensordecedor ilusórdico invade the
severed fog retreat your shivering hands into the
light of touching sand falls at your back it's
the name of your leg izquierdista y el anonimato
de la derecha que viene atrás – donde no hay
cama para dormirte para irte ni oirte
spit on your mans yr di lusion for k grist led
d ream nothing's left is all a window opened
under lake is a flame drug smeared down yr
throat ,listen ,chew yr cloud ,flay the
mask behind yr face

a deadened focal ,blinding

)“the pen is a dream of laundry” (

s weat sc issors

sw eat sn ore sw um ((( la
bhasura de mi sueño nunca
hojo ladeado ,orbe ghrasiento
en mis dheditos ehmbrionales las
nhubes rhoncan en mi rhespiración
ache con ache gotas de
insecticida en la lhengua de
hule ,lhengua de huaracheh
desandandoh  )tus sesos y tijeras(
)con gelatina encontrada en “Oda
a Papasquiaro” de Ivan Argüelles(

the tree is a hand a
pproaching yr eye a
mirror thrown in a lake your
tongue gristle spat on a road

as dust fills your shirt




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