Mark Cunningham

from Morfact

[DNA uns/pool]

thy/mine. new tide (g)lade. site scene /seen / cine / send. dexyboss: de-orb, re(b)arb. sc(r)een.


[hyalrunidase, zona pellucida, corona radiata]

fimbritract. with draw: mussclue. gonadotopic blast: gravidgravitygravidi. proper tone amp.

fallo? follow tube across some acrosm. corraidia.

cumuloss withdraw musscue. fib scar. a-crossm. trip load. second lace.


site line de-cant. riftmoor tide lattices. recent recenter center. no re-send. queen conman ambient tryin.

entice elice dialtect. mono two for one.

afort of maybes. chemochronofry, a dice.

user fissure crossfire ohms, palpable polyplode reamifies. input roils de-lucid, portion non-cued, semi-scan scams manic memos: acme noise, trans-action litter discos i-conned.

[meiosis, polar body]

loci pole tic. tied pool. motor crib body lime. ropy yip micro-riot. limpid you, credible blip (b)looms.

intra spasmic sit jection. reel peel. oozy op. co-in-stall, dis-spell.

[cleavage of zygote, formation of blastocyst, nondisjunction of chromosomes, nondisjunction of chromosomes, spontaneous abortion]

cleavgage: becomes maller?

unflatten sublucollucare lokum microscope. teem melee trace, core scree cataloger glob(e), massmul abyssail spongtra(i)l. embroil c(h)ordal compactry tosist.

ellucid zone s/hedding. utteranavective. loukout. a tack.

fluup. unflate celllines. sublucolluscare. mosea(st)ic. trisome.

gester trog. de-layed, period. poser. clearrid. natural.

[completion of implantation, extrauterine implantation]

syncyriottrot acosive. in/envade endotrail: pillarie rindland, dissoltein protepole. glycogent? polyranc(h). decidell trition. multinuc: proteem expand.

onset stun. distent u-topic ampmiss. inflimflam. cosal hesi- scarriton. ab-leeding liniport. ruptour. lithoped con-tacked, factoid silence.

Mark Cunningham has a few books out, including two from Otoliths: 80 Beetles and Helicotremors.

He writes of the above: "... from a manuscript titled Morfact, concerning the development of the human embryo; the pieces here are from the very beginning, from (before) conception up to the implantation of the embryo.

"The language of the pieces, with its blurred, spliced, and split words, tries to convey to some extent the process of an embryo’s development, not just its final goal. Genetic code is over-coded in many ways: different genes and chromosomes do more than one thing; the same process of development can be carried out by more than one set of genes; mutations occur. Instructions come from may directions, along with the possibility of ambiguous readings or faulty readings. Thus the title, which splices "morf" and "fact" to get "more fact."

"In these pieces, “normal” instructions are in plain font and defective instructions or readings are in italics."
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