Sanjeev Sethi


Two seemingly decorous gentlemen set in
a discussion on a front burner demagogue.
Compere invites the lawmaker’s challenger
on one-on-one telly broadcast to probe him
on the mechanics of his rival’s mind. To
an unrelated query guest descants on how
his father drilled into him to be evenhanded,
initiating his animadversion. Host fails to
halt him: erroneous blueprints engineer faulty

Birthday Wishes

Chronology of chimes began with brown
restive eyes making love like liegeman of
concupiscence. Recension feeds as raven-
ously as this. It hooks as when love looked
at me for the first time. Stilb of a script
must peal with this postmark: soothe or
singe in carillon of longings.



Memory crawls out of bed to pointedly
ask me the kind of leaning should she
cut. I am in an expansive mood, I bid
her to go positive. Life is lyrical.


In your bobbysox overstate, you gargle
your grievances. I overhear the lisp of
loneliness from balladry of your unibrow.
Sleepiness in your smile, nonverbal cues
support my surmises, though your words
are crammed with fruition.


Parlance of pain speaks in patois.
Masquerading doesn’t soften it.
Dreidels of destiny hold me in
pinions. There are no dreams to
drumroll only cusps of uncertainty.
Victory over hors de combat is no
win. I gloat as wind worships its
guest. To each in the cauldron it
recites select construals of reality.


Keenness of rain’s perspire
to rush into my pores
suggests boundary issues.
Pandemic caution
holds me from arguing
my menu of mishaps,
I bow out.
Dry as a bone
wetness glues me
to its bear-hug.
Not wont to this
I wonder what else
have I been missing?

Sanjeev Sethi is the author of three books of poetry. His poems are in venues around the world: All Roads Will Take You Home, Synchronized Chaos, Poets’ Espresso Review, Pyrokinection, Haikuniverse, Spirit Fire Review, The Metaworker, 48th Street Press, The Best of Mad Swirl: v2017!, The 13 Alphabet-Magazine, Be Untexed, Beakful | Becaqée, and elsewhere. He lives in Mumbai, India.
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