Christopher Barnes

Ecstasy And Ale

We tongue plastic lips
On a hand-knitted frog
That his indifferent whippet slighted.

End pleasure’s not gloated upon.
Boom towns of praise-crooners
Off-shoot in hippy lights.
Discomposure is the channel.
Our guru had flooded Jupiter.

Sparkling Insight

Spattered disco-glitter eyelids
Inform on psychosis.
Our guru haemorrhages from the beak.
The murmuration will be fleeting, crestfallen.

No angel of love crawls into death’s jaws.
Maelstroms resume.

Unworldly Goods

The pin-striped teddy bear
Levitates by our guru’s perm.
Third energy hangs its evening
As a Spice Girls CD quits.
We, breath-fetchers, round off cohesion.

Experiencing Shadows

Our guru horse-sweats
In a Dolly Parton wig.
Strangled timbre fuels the homily —
Cushioning idols bloat their vigour.
Zest to stimuli,
He rolls in plumage
Jerked from this day-glo boa.

Grovelling Unto Him

The sari-wearing Action Man
Flashed his third eye
At our guru.
A bauble quaked.
Another impetus popped.

From moonbeams — empathy rockets.
We unhand past-time amigos.
Rubber’s savour carries us new.

Christopher Barnes' first collection LOVEBITES was published by Chanticleer Press. He reads for Proudwords lesbian and gay writing festival each year, partakes in workshops, and co-edited the poetry magazine Interpoetry.
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