Clara B. Jones

Information Sonnet
        for Claude E. Shannon

1.   p log p= 0

2.   If you can control information you can control people.

3.   “*$$< ;<:^=]-{-#* <$^{ #$] _\{] 5-=5\!;]^ -#&$=@;]-$#, -] %^#^]=;]^{ ](^ %\3!-5 @-#< 6-]( <^{-=^{ ;#< 3^!-^&{.” 1

4.   You are dissatisfied with objective reality but are not opposed to the status quo.

5.   Identity is heterogeneous and complex.

6.   Entomologists catch red flies for the museum in Chad where scientists study fossils fixed in amber—xanthous as toxic foam.

7.   I(X; Y)= H(X) – H(X|Y)

8.   Her bruise is the color of the space between your toe and your red sock.

9.   Information is only useful when it can be understood.

10.  Everything depends on red socks.

11.  If you were an Afrobot I couldn't take you home.

12.  Transmitter--(x)--> (noisy) Channel--(y)--> Receiver

13.  It is easier to turn genes on than to turn genes off

14.  W= K log m

1“Good advertising does not just circulate information, it penetrates the public mind with desires and beliefs.”

Clara B. Jones practices writing in Silver Spring, MD (USA). She, also, conducts research on experimental literature and radical publishing. Clara is author of three paper chapbooks, one weblog chapbook (afrobotspoems.blogspot.com), as well as, one volume (/feminine nature/, 2017, Gauss PDF), and her poetry, reviews, essays, and interviews have appeared, or are forthcoming, in various venues.
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