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howwlo pores hallowing at the moon ("How can they blow up the moon, if they don't know

what they're talking about?" he asked and we all agreed.), dimple smog higher-ups

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7 — Loess. Cavendish. "dust in the grin". A ballyhoo about "objectivism" lending gravitas to loutish conceit. Nomadic Carnegie dioxide triples as plate and knife. Decanted broccolism. We know. Knovv. We were there. Less loss than your average cave fish. Coiled fire quote "bag's wet" (abject prism of activist palette strife). Palate. Stiff trifles rife with rifles. In the wiggle room between the letters. Knowledge too, coarse as it were, unfettered dew droplet condo and mint. Ours was their owner-script with medium-

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      the clean dean
      gleans jeans
      lean, mean
      & weaned

11. Redondo-nah muhonda

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          a. crypt
          b. lipped
          c. crept
          d. lept

13. Spur wear sky sigh a dash-bah Holland type A, temporarily mired in freedom. In Beat the cleats feat amd meat. Ooo mie nah. Reheat beat an panda. Ooo mie nah.

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His vexed gyrations hardly pure — and unevenly proportional representation — sliding tooth-scale hopping practical yeast.

------   found grocery list   ------
Mealt      lemur juice      crackeri
cuukie'      bananar      breal
gumxu      Ibudroten      3bizza     
butler      vanilla sweat
cough chops      Cheney Hall

Burnt poodles in minute peat clump gracious sly paired barbarians. Either both and/or or not. His ranger festooned with shining wrists. Lye-in-lair, these cairn participants gave spurned noodles their behest, cloaking bog-spry Santa jibes alongside and to/fro countenance renderings of pontoon schist and the latest iWear ohm sand-twitching. The status woe could be seeded in the most implied tokens avant, nay-popular formats:

_____________________________________ (phonetic, inarticulate, mouthful of pennies)
_____________________________________ (stoop, table, you're 12 again)
_____________________________________ (urinal sage)
_____________________________________ (*)

Crowned rotisserie hilts, portable teen and ale crooning piff-poff in tandem, to be sung in sequence resembling assembly council brows. Murmur spruce, cracked Leary, bazouki, gnashing tartar, being reality, far eastern plaque rote, buddy films, Spitzer, rut loose, wafer dew, hiccup chips, sarcophagus for Dick.

[12 again]
Peat-shine cloaking pontoon-seeded stilts, nonmojave vishnu realism. Burnt not spurned countenance status pennies. Crowned sequence gnashing wafer. His noodles rendering cloud rotisserie resembling tartar hiccup. Assembled far sarcophagus for clump-spray avant twitching council rote-plague. A followup to article 10, alabaster baster taster.

DEAN: This, his writ, tore seat dethroned, croaking pontiffs bleating milt, mocha-haves, thru the spank whistle & outa sight, citing wish-knew feel wisdom. Kernal punish loom wistfully east of eaten, bade quotidian nickel hicks to the royal cadence washing rafter. Ramen lending crowd glow tis fussy un-trembling garter pick-me-up. Another fine evening ensued with team dumpster fires availing swat deed pouncing gloat-braid.

Wilkes-Barre "news" barnstormed the latest local Senate, easily rolling Americans' emissions. The proposed financial fuit trillion gadgets milestone than two, staffs Middle East mysterious week, investigates scandal against short fuse theater. Objection trial of Zimbabwe, Friday the government received mental claiming denied, an excerpt from reality television. Criticism has the freedom to expire like food, ripped language of the birds, brown snake lurking inadmissible in his luxury accounts. Lewd unconscionable and fervent crude, wasted yokel congress, rolling tabac, roiling the pundits into anything under three mpg. Marriage rites moneyed fluke galleon interfaces billfold dirty oil fingers raised to the middle earth contentious bleak,

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while saint musing his emissions fire, with gambits since deject ejects, since projects project, reject subjects' trajectory, sway of vast peeling stars, stark as tar.

Creeping gravity...

14. smile plaintiff cruising this retentive ire, wither gamble prince edicts projects, seeing as proud specs pro speak, knee sect sub genres' trawl allegory, dismay of bombast peeing comets, park asp liar. Creation depravity. Gravely protective custodial tectonic customers (gravcl voice, banging the gavel, hanging on every word, verily very verbal)

simile like seeping plantain, loudly comma, bruised prospects parking upon the open sea. pliers sensitive speck rejects subjective trajectory, the fire-hub hither, raw and rambling rinse. Stomp Ma, King Since. Raised oily corpuscle, rasping in the half-washed crepuscle. Ripe ramparts exemplify blistered emissions. Sine mile hike weeping platitude, fraud lama, ruse prospectors lurking yup onager pope's plea. Piers desensitize pectoral glee sex sub marital trawler tory, this burning central likewise rough and gambling cleansing boot mom emperor sync. Praised coil leeward torque shuffle, lapsing in the partial-drenched steep guffaw. Snipe tramp traipse shed light to listing ski missions. (Stern sheltered janitorial earthquake purchasers). (Sack L esophagus, whacking the grovel, teetering extorted paragraph, Many likewise, likable, lick).

     [July / August 2018]

Foaming at the gills with pockets full of thrift store novelties, homemade transducers, and costuming collaged from mailbox weeklies usually reserved for the cat box, Crank Sturgeon utilizes such finery to marinate a commingling of noise and lower case art interruption. The consequence has been a quarter century-long journal entry that reads something akin to a failed circus flier: brimming with tales of dirigible mishaps, bathtub teleconferences, cassette recordings consisting of hiccuping contests, and skits showcasing repurposed office equipment that never seem to stay on script (or upright for that matter).
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