Johannes S. H. Bjerg

Six sequences and their sounds


mucus morning and the Tiber is the Tiber

translated the name of the green plant is green plant

in my language there’s a running uphill

just because sliding a wet lemon pit across the North Pole

in his coat of butterflies Stephen (St.) takes gravity out of fashion again

with no one to catch them the pears drop just drop


when you stop burning saints fall out your sleeves

personified ennui a rock sans facial features

examining my little finger that tipped the horizon

the church on the hill still as the hill

still enough leaves to fill a hymn

angelfluff yea it sticks to the cloud in my elbow


pondering the signal value of a baritone sax during a blood test

what does it say the planet in my shoe?

at the Lonely Hearts Club darkness in small glasses tend the bar

the flame for as long as it lasts a pencil

unbendable a cormorant takes over my left hand

at noon our flock mentality gets named Karl


your hand on the window till the gull’s gone

up and down the peaks and valleys of an ECG black on white

wave and my surfer days never came

a floor full of rice well there’s that

a lot like Sicily without the sea without the sun

winding the bloodclock you unhinge the clouds


on a fictional beach a skyladder of flies

at the end of the story a hole and a wind

turning his face into a raven Two Feet escapes to Paris

the canal diggers make room for gondolas in your veins

psalm 51 on repeat following the pattern in the wallpaper

your inner cell solidifies your cells till they’re gold


sink into it and greed is a pillow

Ravel's right hand if only to drag the ocean out a nymph

right after the obituaries your mollusc ancestry

in a cotton padded matchbox your m.o.

alternating between sleep and awake unable to sync to the rain crows

piano he says leaving through the wall

Johannes S. H. Bjerg: a Dane who writes in Danish and English simultaneously and mainly haiku and haiku related forms. 1 of 3 of the editors of Bones - “Journal for contemporary haiku” (http://www.bonesjournal.com), and sole editor of “the other bunny - for the other kind of haibun” (http://theotherbunny.wordpress.com) and “One Link Chain” - a blog for solo linked verse and haiku sequences(http://onelinkchain.blogspot.dk/) Has published several books: http://megaga.dk/?page_id=530
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