Vernon Frazer

Keeping a Chance Last

other roadsides would
see toes move the fodder groin 
casting garbled expertise

              arterial dots
              slotted a padlocked pagoda

     for nodal detonation 

the ensemble schemata moves
shanks as deterrents parted all

                    blistered grip
                    of the enormous line

                          juxtaposition padlocked 
                          graphic lining

      a three-wheeler               hearse 
      not through itself              giving        

            implicit thrush monitors
                 pressed barmaid thugs
                       to become prime leisure

                                          (a liberator in delicto)


          through and about

                                        acquisition impresario


his toothpowder loyalists
catch well in pabulum line
 shaft friends 
                      insignia inaccuracies  

                  vary precisely
about         to backfire impulses 
   to            blistered legends

     scrotal gull in graphic paint
     twined nonstop casseroles

         giving slow listeners
                                          the polemic itself

                     against lotto shaker epics

Time Passage Frozen In

before the visionary caddy 
buttonholes a boa vocalist
its tread warmly illustrated 

     a slow visit
     encasing blaze lint
     scathes long frequency 

          a bearskin blowlamp 
          impounded the monetary timekeeper 


noose alert 
                  follows                  formal transit
                                                 disport habitats
     in                                        departing from 
midpoint                                run-in sequence

                   a clatter vocal
      follows a revivalist raw-handed

              whose rumor seeds        glasshouses 
                                              among driven legions


one crossbar rebuttal
plated assent to form 
                                  a burlesque

           intrepid clatter                          horned                     
below the bestial boomerang              repentance

caught subtlety radiations 
before a magical deflection



a classicist grumbled the natal catalogue forever

One Experienced Consequence

      Strobing the Nostalgia Light decimated tympani crashes a looming revelation transforming the parade of thinking nights carapace hopes skeleton buttons horizon carousel overtures distrust enclosure odds * banter tense the storied clips ring walled cans or vigorous tinting unsettled pronouncements would peal panatela to walled vignette rings limber through the fixture sawtooth rumors iceberg the panacea factor * cufflink declarations shred pretenders port rail barkers call unsealed their sunset buttons limp verbatim denied chart stamping suburban zoning buttons rapture the plating reply glances yearn the demon heat from dance Fabricating at the Convention vacant technologies at sorrow events relieve the torn sleeve of doubt rendered a rip in time amended stitching amok with claims of glue banding fabric vessels to relinquish their turkey beverage keeping the thread in tact or out a minus from accessible conjunctions the tear an expression of its cloth happening as cut short abruptly stopped mechanical tears kept generating wet handkerchiefs never the less a streamed exhibition of running fabric grimly minded

Vernon Frazer hides in plain sight.
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