Joyce Parkes


The click of instead
is not heard by
an owner of a gun.

Having one aim
only, intent
on hitting a target,

focused on destroying
its subject,
a gun gives the shooter

a body without
a mind able to
envisage, interpret,

define, distinguish
from difference.

Colloquy, Soliloquy
(In memory of Alan Saunders)

Metaphors move beyond
existing structures
, Alan

Saunders, the philosopher,
proffered. Art is there

to frustrate the boffins
and the analysts
, Anon,

the writer, offered. Now
what would a poet do

without mass, grain,
sun, rain, dwellings

on planes and plains, in
readiness to question

the silence of the Sphinxes
by the Thames?

Joyce Parkes has published in the Best Australian Poems, Overland, Westerly, LiNQ, foam:e, Cordite, Meanjin, Axon, Poetry Matters, Landscapes (ECU), Meniscus, Cuttlefish, and in similarly dedicated, to poetry and the arts, magazines, journals and anthologies in Australia, the UK, Finland, Canada, Germany, the US, New Zealand, Northern Ireland and the Netherlands.
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