Marcia Arrieta


through pastures & sketchbooks & flowers

the bear sleeps in the canoe

the moose walks up the mountain

I water the trees

    perspective transcend demands impetus sail pencil utopian terrestrial metaphysical fish “To stand despite all possibility of falling” Paul Klee Notebooks Volume 1 The Thinking Eye the chair in sky in fire the thunder the rain reshaped acres afternoons the air a cave the edge sufficient the sun is a water lily is an acorn is a hummingbird is a phoenix
    interlude vision focused/unfocused the days a dragonfly a ladybug a hedgehog notes written calls made the sculpture of recycled glass reflects star sun idea more door than square the instant tracing the shoes the paintbrush language as dream language as chrysalis
    (cows graze in the field) so your mind/words/worlds are like the wind & the stars you are a shepherd you row a boat fragile/resilient adrift like a Meidosem
    newspaper/wallpaper/papyrus the parable is found in the parabola or maybe parachute suspended between trees

Over the past months, Marcia Arrieta has been working on and just completed an altered book within the pages of New Worlds/Maps from the Age of Discovery. Her recent work appears in Whiskey Island, Osiris, Empty Mirror, Local Nomad, Moria, DASH, Marsh Hawk Review, & Eratio. She has two poetry collections: archipelago counterpoint (BlazeVOX) and triskelion, tiger moth, tangram, thyme (Otoliths), and a recent chapbook thimbles, threads (Dancing Girl). She edits and publishes Indefinite Space, a poetry/art journal.
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