Michael O'Brien

half his errors done

A man steps out of a doctor’s surgery. He pauses. He puts the prescription in his inside pocket — a finger accidentally rubs the bus ticket [no one notices]. A drip of rain. He turns a palm to the sky.

last decade’s wallpaper

                              the forms

the child sucks

                              beyond dna

its bottle

                              blooming laburnum


Visit to the dentist’s office.
‘There is significant decay on your back left wisdom tooth.’ Lengthy dramatic pause more suited to a day time tv drama that no one admits to watching including me. ‘We’ll have to extract it.’
‘Wisdom tooth? That’s serious, right?’ My tone dramatic.
‘Not really. That’s only the bottom ones.’
‘Oh, ok.’ My relief overdramatic.
I walk home. The overcast and drizzle set my mood in melancholy. I feel lonely and tired. I look to the horizon for the cleaning commercial advertisement break.

                trying to reach the moon a child climbs over me

Aoife says the baby is at the stage where the brain advances significantly. I think of it feeling certain emotions for the first time and feel lonely and scared. My life is presented to you by brands that I feel unreasonable attached to. Be sure to follow me on all social media platforms. Want to support my life? You can become a patron by following this link.


thorough führer

Victorian villas. Big mansions. Gargoyles. Dream roads. Thorough suicides. Nithsdale Road on down to Bellahouston Park through suicides. Comparing a robin to a parrot. That sort of lark.

                the pencil
                a mouse's cock

At the park there is a big preparation for an event I am unaware of and don't care about. A security guard whistles something familiar wishing for something familiar to land in his lap and shit. I try not to look at him. Usually englishmen wear or were sun-hats. They often post donkeys to themselves too. Each to their own, I guess. I think Eminem was here last year. Either or, it's annoying to have a walk through a parrot fractured by a grand mal and its big ugly polychrome eyes. We leave the parrot as quickly as possible.

                the torso of europe
                legislator harvey oswald
                as a young hotel

The hitler youth are packing shopping bags. They have white feathers on top of their berets. But those white feathers don’t fool me. I’ve seen enough hitler youth to not be fooled by the arse feather of a goose parrot. I can spot a hitler youth a mile away. And a parrot. The hitler youth steal my pound deposit for the shopping trolley. I want to confront them but I am intimidated in the deep apathy of an overcast morning becoming midday.


length of a butterfly

                               cat’s ear

a summer’s day


caught in a child

                               await their execution

Michael O’Brien lives in Glasgow Scotland. He is the author of As Adam (UP Literature), Big Nothing (Bones) and The Anabasis of Man (Yavanika Press). You can follow him on twitter @michaelobrien22
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