nick-e melville

A Nation Dictat

nick-e melville writes: "A Nation Dictat is an erasure I made in 2006 from a UK Home Office Asylum and Immigration Application form that I found on a bus just outside Edinburgh. I worked on the erasure for a while and stopped after five pages of the form, as it seemed a natural end, and set it aside. For various reasons, which I now can’t recall, I never submitted it anywhere for publication, but would occasionally read it at events and have exhibited it twice. Some time after the UK EU Referendum of June 2016 that fractured the country into two factions—Leave or Remain—A Nation Dictat came back to mind. With a sense of the uncanny, and the possible existence of untapped powers of divination, I realised that the correction fluid had erased into the UK’s future to reveal ‘go  No / Leave    Remain’ as its last two lines."
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