Andrew Rihn

O Little Graphite

It is culture you work: you can break it.
I go before scratching.
Absolutely, of even one to join him.
Are people who come to the USA organic?
We take over, get there and the
temple that is this performance, is the
show, dvd, blu-ray.
There can be only one to my team.
Those proteins axel stalls sense,
those eyes whose what seems to be.

O Weathered Epic

Just what on the screen is something?
Camping it through us,
him deep and call her, like them.
Walked in the fandom in my head.
From light he already for channel,
became the confetti of all ours joy.
I’m just getting medical again.
Let’s see what happens at my nephew
so it is steering cell creamy life into it.
Band hang after for a voice, to him.
The sky is the sense of media obligations
and the hay fever and just to know the crown of music.
This between, this is my composing,
and less.

O Inner Ear and Blog

And bore off or know how we know,
we circus Iphone and sugars.
The last from her winter
and then he was.
That I am going yolo specifically.

O Hungry Star

Seriously, a sum must
also be their sources.
And the game one could forgive.
Someone who is injured or three
because you are warm,
smell too much.
There what I situation, per se,
disassemble comfort.
This is the word, hear none because
is because both could.
What the fuck is going to her gift certificate,
with the leadership, must exude their rest.
So often want to catch another number,
and management waving, and to one
and more, amused the route in camp.
Everyone for necklace has an atmosphere.
My hand, I’m ourselves, this sum.
Or so did all those who respected you.

Andrew Rihn is a writer of essays, poems, and scholarly articles. He is the author of several chapbooks, including America Plops and Fizzes(sunnyoutside press) and The Rust Belt MRI (Pudding House). Along with his wife, the writer Donora A. Rihn, he co-authored the chapbooks The Marriage of Heaven and Hell: An Election Cycle (Moria Books/ Locofo Chaps) and The Day of Small Things (Really Serious Literature). Together, they live in Portage Lakes, OH with their two rescue dogs.

He notes that the source text for poems above derives from the glitch-laden closed captioning of a 2018 interview with UFC fighter Conor McGregor.
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