Steve Dalachinsky

rumor has it...... for raymond ross

cut the fram(e)  / unaltered process
cut to f(r)ame         away         cut
shape fall crimped inta triplets
mirror backed
a flat-arsed area of floor light
backdrop: armiture tailored 
     frame /  emarf     de mark ated
pt as crash alot
     this so much thus am an open plaid
coooooeeoooo    u   ummumme   cooooeeeoooo
tis a lam(b)ent    cut to f//r//a//m//e   pessam  mystic 
   relate   re  (ta) l (i) ate
   re: late     fee nominal    tax a tion
   caught   lost  in a court   counting   ooooooeeeeeuuuuu  
                  con  fide  dent(i)al  
this is wasnot framus again           try to unintelligible   gent  (l)
er angle
          cut to    ram(e)       -   sleepeye move   (eeeee)    move   

a movie   something that moves
a talkie    yes that's right something that......... all 4 pts
re: picture that talk is talking picture   =  talkie  
moving picture   a picture that moves  a moving picture 
a picture that.... scraggly greybeard thin ends ragged
pitcher come from behind 
tincture crumpled into shade
as in external body etheriated & crumpled
into shade: rehearse the chair un folded & be hest

you walk toward the door & disappear.

a salt where residue overexposes
a negative a chemical digests
the singer's hand arriving in black & white
world mannequin is held up by
breath alone  this is a digest of events
undigested frame by frame       wilter
cries in the sonorous jungle   framus unlegged
by wor(l)dless     legless hanging from pipes
her pipes proclaiming that NADA has arrived

it is a cold cold night
you walk toward the door as the wind
tries to push you back your beard blown s/ward
enters the frame 
2 scraggle ends & a middle overgrown w/images
your name is muttered into my ear 
i say it's just a rumor
but even rumors bear truths like fish stories
anchors & war
some small truth within the larger frame
click shutter  captured hooked
the horn player  caught while..................
the piano player stopped at the keys

you are nowhere to be found
even with the woman you dream alive
singing syllables of noword to the floor

the back room is occupied by bodies
the front room is occupied by bodies
there is no more jungle
       cut to frame  ream the framus of its shields   &   
       aim the shot    wander protected by amulets & videos
       where talking & motion & moving  go silent w/in the frame
       w/in the non-stop harsh voice
       an eye that bestly concretize
       can capture freezeframe on cold cold night

steam rising from the head of the maker
becoming fluid becoming steam becoming fluid
becoming steam again becoming what is - is a ghost
a host  of sorry sapiens  ray le monde & gross
warfly proclaims a wordless song 'at falls 'n rises  falls 'n
rises    falls 'n rises   falls 'n rises    falls 'n rises   ......

3rd eye

3rd eye
wrinkled by 
heat &

clouds become
my 3rd eye

with 3 eyes
i watch night

eating rice balls
for another kiss

3rd eye 

“i want to escape...” (Robert Frank Exhibit @ Scalo Gallery)  
                                                                                   - for Gregory Corso 

good bye
                           unclear   nuclear    hope
good bye
                  volcanoes      fish    experts
                                                                     UFO’s     &  foreign lands
good bye     elections
                                      & election fraud

good bye      fantastic operations  & sandwiches  5 cent penny candy   motel rooms
                           with  windows
good bye
                palm trees    daisies   & ideas
                dark silence  music    & the past

good bye
                     ode    pretty girls     birthdays    hrs.  minutes   monthes  years
                      calendars                good bye     seconds
photographs  of ruins
coffee cups
tea   cake

good bye
                   gesturing      space within emptiness  emptiness within space
good bye
                 blooming concrete        acanthuspaperchristmas                                                             
good bye                                       
                   daddy    blitzgrieg  truth    & dark silent  music
good bye
                crowded rolls of film hanging like fly paper in a room occupied only
                                                                by     your        ghost
the image of winter
perched upon the sill    of my eye

good bye 
                 you    streets that i know    of my youth   middle age  & my demise
good bye
                 you  that  i have never known     will never know   & have forgotten

good bye       BELIEF                   medicines      & painful   conditions

good bye    
                  weather     postcards    differences  travelling     &  visitations
good bye
                 inventions  adversaries  & inventory

                                                hello    to   nothing

good bye    preparedness     distance    deception     & necessity
                  small  talk         big    talk    people who are gone

good bye                     to     tributes

good  bye          images      bullfights       speed   blinking images   & unbreachable
                         entanglements           good bye    vocabularies   purple potatoes     
&  holes
                              good bye     therapy    exercise     visitors   disaster  & you

good   bye to you          to how i look at you

         i want to escape       have to escape    need to escape   to  escape       escape.

doormats  placemats  2 matts

the ivers   & then  divers
this symbol of ratio of ration   the toothpick
it is emperorsorryo clanginbeard sinocity
why the blonde strands curve over a sweatered shoulder
the road passing     rivers & ivers
gaia is no expert on her own mythology
it changes like reason   like a man
sailing to an unknown port feeling the air against 
his face if he's lucky enough to be taking the trip 
of his own accord    upside down as always
& everything sometimes is always all those friends of dead
men who come foward to claim him   ivers &  givers &
strivers     i'm not responsible   the undetermined factor
             here  / there
                            don't be apaganshamed titillation
   oh i hear you
                  reference to space moved back
 it is a chromosomal thing but when your DNA is trashed & then              cashed in
                   you wonder where all the blue chips went
                     blue veins   blue blood  stocks down
  the best day ever
& we wear our joint proposals on our backs like tiny kick me signs
friends working late at the "office"   melancholic overtime    
          quiet little lies like mutton stew    the exclusionary act    i.e.  no sex shops  in my neighborhood
 hooray  a good nazi          (our mayor)         eyelight -
                     a thing not made
 not yogurt/not breakfast/not violin strings/not shapely boots/not
 green shirts/
                  liver the quotation of equates

             supine/morning      not neighborhoods/not neighbors

wrong with you anyway  i folded it all up backwards
      reflections are like that too    get calm
      open up your body    this is downtime to be used up     accordingly    
he set thru the still never seeing the same wave twice
same sky twice 2 i's at sight unerring - stepped on it gainly -
air on his face even if he could not feel it  ratio of this to that
                        NO  TELLING!

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