Katrinka Moore

Dancer 1

Dancer 2


Finally the milkweeds split     
and silk-winged seeds slow-
stream over the field     

a few come to ground     burrow        
doze until spring 

Who can remain still 
until the moment of action

Hesitation     an idea
in shadow     patience
of a tree     a boulder

Light     in its own time
falls and fills     fills 
and trembles at the edges

How did Sensei teach
us     novices     to dance      
I think she said     wait

Dancer 3
    Choreographer For years I didn’t think                 about grace I thought                                about making dances how to find one true                 movement then another                                these always changing with each dancer’s body                 the beauty of not the form of                                the feel of Afterwards                 the dance                                flickered disappeared                 into aether except                                once in a while a tilt of head lift                 of arm unhurried                                turn a broken fall

Katrinka Moore is a poet and visual artist, formerly a dancer and choreographer. http://katrinkamoore.weebly.com/
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