Marilyn Stablein

From A Lettrist’s Notebook

Black Mail

Envelope Narratives


Pitfalls of Dating

black envelope
murky message on back
beware free advice
guarded threat


The Very First Time

private gallery
shipped to your door
plain wrapper
stag movies & more


Hush Money

clandestine surveillance
caught on camera
secret wire taps
tell-all threat
silenced payoff


Black Mail

violent abduction
kidnap victim
ransom demand
secret stash
envelope drop-off


Disappearing Envelopes
Four in One

Black Mail is a five page interactive unbound portfolio of four readymade envelope pages. Collage, vintage ads, stamps, magazine slogans & images, paper currency, and other undisclosed private contents, 2019. From the sequence, “Just Envelopes,” which is part of an ongoing series From The Lettrist Notebook, a body of work which explores found typography, word art, vispo, mail art, archival letter-writing paraphernalia & ephemera, and utilitarian stationery tools.

Marilyn Stablein, artist, writer, illustrator, performer and teacher recently released a new collection of tales Vermin: A Traveler’s Bestiary. Recent essays and artwork in Kyoto Journal, Portland Review, Gargoyle and Stealing Light: A Raven Chronicles Anthology. Her work is widely exhibited and in private and public collections. Visit marilynstablein{{dot}}.com
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