John Pursch

Baked Byronic Bacon

How could, who could’ve, when or why or boxy trouser fisticuffs in plowed-asunder megaphone of barking dogfish banknotes, steaming down fully-fledged fiords? Memorizing stockyards, eyes can seem inglorious, combing over gourds of sleeved alleviation, amulets in pilaf.

When eyes awaken, songs evoke a furnished compulsion to polish ham. Idiomatic items infer gloom from auxiliary ampules, then plunder the darkness for silent countertops. The naked walk unaided down urban byways, unmolested efficiency, craned necklines, screams of planar antics, circumstellar ambits, obituary cobblestones, peat in floral hourglass eyes.

Unpumped sweetener, sipped around the clock by wheezing maw of swirling demitasse, of puckered ankh or ham hock sunrise interplay. Vanished eaves in tribal dateline perforate the ceiling.

A newly circumlunar smudge crawls from dotted line to palatial ignominy, wallowing in filched fifties, counterfeit entrees, rows of yodelers, clued calypso casuistry, alimentary alligator flues, and yelping gypsy gemstones.

Oh, to be wan, colorless, impassioned yet nonplussed, bulging into steamy jungles, corduroy gorillas, scantily-clad cellists, rumpled daybreak omnivores nose-down in baked Byronic bacon, fixed to ambulance blue.

Snacky Sky Potato

Switchblade dermal offering to Snacky Sky Potato Harness (the glorious undulating hillside barnyard quintet of multiplied personalities from swayback blender tumbleweed, an original orangutan-infested bumblebee hamlet just north of Hannibal’s Ambulatory Handel Bar, the swept-wing watering hollow).

How officially parenthetical of Mr. Millicent M. Millipede, the rectangular velociraptor. Off and onto inner spangle chewing feathers, quasi-module upstart kitsch, itching at a sheltered nerd, rickety pageant, and shifty-eared listening post just sloth of even corridor.

Banging outer worlds within a ringed asylum, parachuting captive plucks charity from declawed deferential vendor, replete with feverishly fetid felicity of Oberammergau, gauze retainer wicker casket popping into nickel time, doorman fallacies of octal cantilevered movie reel in dizzying puree of tough-guy fade to maiden foyer inculcation.

Used stairs eclipse elected electricians, charging ants in itchy ivory, prosthetic torpedoes intoning tense tergiversation, tamping townhome tomboys till Rotarians placate a testy teapot with tourmaline tornadoes.

Curly cue ball sinks in crock pot idiosyncratic eye, publicly permuted steerage contract, stowaway on bobbin thread in sawed-off sewing kit to helm behind a bureaucratic crab.

Willie the Swill Machine

“Quite a lung-swindled try at dime-store tribal heehaw meat, hefty clue spay slow-hand selfish noggin peanut gristle,” waxes Whacked Willie the Swill Machine, Thirteenth Pearl of Sandy Switch Crank and Phylogenetic Pie Can, windy but aided from arears by torn-to-pineal clan of mental nodule in one rousing heirloom of Paiute Japer T. Morgana, Miridical Jurisprudential (yet shadowed reprehensible, prehensile, and probably puerile but plundering pudenda all the shameful sway to Mirth Shore Eon, Sloth Cova Notion, Under Scam Tin Entrails Fallacious Simian Bunt Test, bantering bellicose oddities, bifocals all foggy due to overexcitation).

Snows wide, that descriptor, Thaddeus D. Uncorpulant, variable flown from meddle hover and specific highland, federal pony, to mortal blast-point cave-in, augury of grotto hail to unzipped filly hoof disease to useful quandary by notary on lack of dude ranch dressage boot-black, lopping off toadstool swan, heavenly heifer heaving into view.

Bet eyes digest ability, a bile-imploding chili boat, phlegmy pardon’s quinary, swat wit dotted eyes around an episodic glance, schoolgirls in a knotted caulk gun crosswalk fit, two racy corrugated sidewalks, mumbled into gutter yawn, strutting peacock drowning Shorty, sodden ballroom espadrille expunged in twi-night gullibility, public header nose cone, owner Piltdown vapor cool to flossy throng betwixt a tweeny nothing-go-round-go-lucky-go-goner-goon-gorilla-gob to gourd cacophony clip-to-crab-tree spatula pec tacky actual scapular, scrum scrip to cribbed Crimean rhythm bark.

Cashews claw dear why to south to pone as ideation scratching prestidigitation spark, inquire as how to smocked mannequin can fill the boils in spackled billions, alacrity to mighty aching sheen of sword.

Porky Bigamy Clock-Watch

The Maltese Peanut turns to cracked vermilion in double time of elevated technique, ants crawling up his arms. In undertow he overcharges Nude Parisian Octopus and tiptoes out of surreptitious pipsqueak nation. Sudden rotational call of bird or man or cranky Al Catawba Craze ushers in the swollen hunger, hyphenated pheasant rolling extra-tasty porous pie-tin purity, likened to voluminous nose cone apparatus, some barricaded bullhorn.

Willful yet soulful piquancy of headless actuarial nightingale caboose, he speaks in bubbling foursquare dialect of one eternal transplant, pickled pot to deep-fried slattern apoplexy, frosted into zebra:

“So how does anti-heroic Anyone grate on sandy Juan’s nervous system? Sigh mean, toucan tolerate an utterly bedridden bag of lice, having trodden through the buckling rows of sagging missives to mangy cretins, creased citizens, gentility isles, dangling circumcision particles of nightshade, somnolence, ambulatory weasels, bowed but breezy blazes stripping down to bareback riders; cinder sheath, idyllic duplex portrait, sheriff nodding off in coronary discount parlor bookstore incandescent light.

“Porky Bigamy Clock-Watch Putrefaction Ire, you swagger so elegant and screwed down long-lone-lusty dappled eyesore, sock-it dueling donut-holding sticker to a pumphouse wheelchair mollycoddled cockamamie fallout chapter, pleading plutonium titration device up to gowned hoodlum caricature on shorty fecund streaky final run of well-nigh longitudinal stacks in musty bile librarian breath.”

Skinny the Kid

August Frail Fallopian, paymaster of savory nearby galaxy, pipes upper chrome torpedo tally inner ferried wind-scream vision: “Sly colonic semolina tortoise told me jest last week to wash my peppercorns and queasy bottom hunter wherewithal, else Ilsa the Incriminator wooden taper me down to whittled sweat gland, con by piddling bongo hum. Sandy eyes bereaved her!”

A blink, a scratchy lint retrieval, long-diverted column of enemy shoulders, plucked to dying phantasm in qualified tragedy. Meanings salvage intermingled souls, tossing scribbled age to vernal Huguenots, tied to anklet chains in metal eastern peat infection pogo, dancing to the detuned unicyclist’s bellow. Cows can smooth under candy, plover Pictionary Pete’s possessive nested urge impending.

“Half solely, I knelt what dying is flurry, easily fortnightly. He’s phenomenally fluky, wooden you crayfish?” axed Chalice Q. Tasselbell, passably egg scepter, pulls yet habitually knickered jacaranda.

Swell says, jacking surround town, he has hat she. Swine oh so nuance grill he canoe snow, snore can ewe whore antsy independent visual core technician. Cancan simply grunge on sentience pie, serried ham in stubbly crow’s nuts, lunge con soapy a humbled pile, obligatory dogs.

“Ye mighty slay hat gothic ought, putt I mired peg due pontificate, swarthy und aliquots what mesmerize opposing skew,” rustled Rumpled Quilted Skinny the Kid Scandal, fer whatever she’s swirling (sand tattle bee quiet a garish assumption, beauty shore).

Jellied Ogre Pinochle

Lighten your hips to fading lucidity, pledging keel rotation, flooded steer legation, illegible opulence, and smooching nerve impunity. Dolomitic crockery ratchets into drowning loop of jellied ogre pinochle, imputing avuncular asymptotes to paratrooper owls on screened carafe of grapevine fumes or copper clam concomitant. Slowly cooling, showy Gaelic garlic aches in skylight thunder slats, peal of impulse savagery, sanguine bedfellows miming empathetic lullabies. Softened by tiptoeing extras, queried fate erases lumens with convertible dementia.

John Pursch lives in Tucson, Arizona. Twice nominated for Best of the Net, his work has appeared in many literary journals. A collection of his poetry, Intunesia, is available at http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/whiteskybooks. His pi-related lit-rap video is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l33aUs7obVc. He’s @johnpursch on Twitter and john.pursch on Facebook.
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