Alison Ross

Sonic Eye

The sonic truth of the matter is that I can't afford tar any more than I can afford to fly solo with my throat intact. The mask that you hear on the wall in my mind is an elevated version of the scream that you see at the bottom of the well in a distant flowery galaxy otherwise known as my breast. The abrasive chunks of matter careening toward your soulful eye remind me that a constant repetition of cats is akin to a smashed-up skull smeared across a checkered floor. The cacophony in my hair resides in the melody of smells emanating from your television that teleports you to a revision of your vision.

The sonic truth of the matter is that I can’t afford anything in this universe beyond being a vagabond with an eyeful of soul.

Clockwise Cat publisher and editor, Alison Ross, pioneered the genre of Zen-Surrealism and uses that as her guiding aesthetic. She also practices the tenets of Zen-Surrealist Socialism. Alison believes that “poetic intuition” knifes through the murk of the mundane and mutates mediocrity into a Utopia of the Dynamic. Recently, Alison was a featured poet at Surreal Poetics. In addition, she has published reviews and editorials in various publications, including Fear of Monkeys and Pop Matters.
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