Issue fifty-three Date of Publication May 1, 2019.
Individual pieces Copyright © 2019 by their respective creators

Editor: Mark Young

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Lynn Strongin
Six Poems

Jeff Bagato
Flip Operations II + Five Asemic Poems

Pete Spence
Four Poems

Kyle Hemmings
Nine Photographs

Seth Howard
Six Prose Poems

Andrew Topel & Jim Leftwich
selections from light agenda
more selections from light agenda

Steve Potter
Five Twenties

Sanjeev Sethi
Four Poems

David Baptiste Chirot
Eight Visual Pieces

Alison Ross
Sonic Eye

Mike Callaghan
Two Visuals

Jim Leftwich
Expositions on Two Books by John. M. Bennett

Jim Leftwich & John M. Bennett
Six Visual Poems

Stephen Bett
Craig Dworkin: The Déjà Vu of Déjà Dit

Jim Meirose
Hey! Buddha's in the Road
Playing Piano for People; How to Learn – the Meat of Lesson Three

Joel Chace
Non-Euclidean Ventures, 6-15

John Bradley
Three Poems

Two Poems

Ian Ganassi
Three Poems

Ian Ganassi & Laura Bell
Six Collages

Laura Bell
Six Paintings & Mixed Media Pieces

Emilio Morandi
Nine Visual Pieces
Nine more Visual Pieces

Steve Dalachinsky
Five Poems
Two Nights at The Opera

Jacob Kobina Ayiah Mensah

R. Keith
Something fierce

Cecelia Chapman
from Club Paradise 2019

Club Paradise: desire, vacation, redemption, 2 films, 40 years

Keith Polette
Two Poems

Daniel de Culla
Five Visuals

M. Liberto Gorgoni
Splendors Beyond the Grass

Olivier Schopfer
Made of Glass
Made of Glass, cont'd

Mary Cresswell
Two Poems

Jack Galmitz

Anton Yakovlev
Three Poems

B. J. Muirhead

Nina Živančević
Five Poems

Gregory Kimbrell
Five Poems

Cameron Lowe
Two Poems

Pat Nolan
Some Assembly Required: a review of Bill Berkson's Since When,
a "Memoir In Pieces"

Two Poems + The Poet Thumbs a Ride, an extract from Ode to Sunset

Richard Kostelanetz
from Kosti's Tondos
from Askews

Daniel f. Bradley
How to Efficiently Dull the Edges off Poetry

Andrew Topel
8 from the "x" series

Sheila E. Murphy & John M. Bennett
Four Pieces of Vispo

John M. Bennett
Four Poems
Six Pieces of Vispo

Adam Fieled
Ode on Waves

Bill Wolak
Seven Collages

Jim Leftwich & Steve Dalachinsky
Two Poems

Márton Koppány
Three Visual Pieces

M.J. Iuppa
An Essay & A Poem

Gregory Stephenson
Homage to Akbar del Piombo

Elaine Woo
an untitled watercolor

Karl Kempton
cloud haiku
cloud haiku (cont'd)

J. D. Nelson
Three Poems

Carol Stetser

Neil Leadbeater
Reviews The Great American Novel by Eileen R. Tabios

Texas Fontanella & John M. Bennett
Eight Visual Poems

Tony Mancus & CL Bledsoe
Three Poems

from le anarch
More from le anarch

David Lohrey
The Crime of Understanding

Texas Fontanella
Eight Erasures

Sheila E. Murphy
Five Visuals

Douglas Barbour & Sheila E Murphy
Continuations CVI:
Continuations CVII:

Keith Higginbotham
Two Collages & Two Poems

Guy R. Beining
Four Paintings with Poems

Sarah Sarai
Three Poems

hiromi suzuki
In the Morning #1-#5: Five Typewriter Poems

Thomas Fink
Two Poems

Thomas Fink & Maya D. Mason
Two Poems

Carla Bertola
Harbors were Closed
Plates 1 – 10
Plates 11 – 20
Plates 21 – 30
Plates 31 – 40

Tom Beckett

Randee Silv & Mumtazz

Mark DuCharme
Two Poems

Michael O'Brien
Two Poems

Elmedin Kadric
Four Visual Pieces

Keith Nunes
Six Visuals, Three Poems

Bob Heman

John Kalliope
Two Poems

Rebecca Ruth Gould
Five Poems

Charles Borkhuis
Two Poems

Tony Beyer
Five Poems

Kenneth Rexroth
Three Columns from the San Francisco Examiner of 1963
Three More Columns from the San Francisco Examiner of 1963
Three More Columns from the San Francisco Examiner of 1963

Maralena Howard & Texas Fontanella
Twelve Visual Pieces

Stu Hatton
Four Prose Pieces & a Poem

Michael Brandonisio
(A Play in One Act)

Brian Glaser
The Dark Ages

Penelope Weiss
Four Poems

Stephen Nelson
"from my journal"

Tom Daley
Three Poems

Bernie Earley
Painted Corpse

Anna Cates
Three Haibun

Jeff Harrison
Two Poems

John Levy
Three Poems

Vernon Frazer
Taking the Measure of Quantum
Four More Poems

Miro Sandev
Three Homophonic Translations of Hristo Botev

Sabine Miller
Three Poem & Three Visuals

Christopher Barnes
Five Poems

Nick Nelson
from Questionnaire

Jimmy Rivoltella
Nine Collages

Katrinka Moore
Three Visual Pieces

Joe Balaz
Two Visuals, Three Poems

Marilyn Stablein
Confidential: envelopes

Paul Pfleuger, Jr.
Two Poems

John Pursch
Four Short Prose Pieces

Joseph Buehler
Milky Skies

Colleen Woods
Two Poems

Michael Philip Castro
DISPATCH: Semi-Asemic
Pages 1-10
Pages 11-20
Pages 21-30

Michael Prihoda
Four Poems

Henry Crawford
Four Poems

Wes Lee
Three Poems

Richard Kostelanetz & Gay Beste Reineck


Otoliths would like to acknowledge the Juru People who are the traditional custodians of the land where this journal is prepared.